Case | Nordic Innovation House

“The challenge we were facing …

“The challenge we were facing was the noisy office environment. Meetings, workshops and telephone calls in the open office were disturbing employees who needed peace and quiet. To get some privacy people booked the bigger meeting room just for themselves. Some even went outside to have their telephone calls. We realized something needs to be done”, says Paula Salomaa, Community Manager at Nordic Innovation House.

“The installation of the Framery booths went really quickly. At one moment the booths were there, and a second later they were in use. So simple! There was no need for rebuilding or having people to move around during the installation.”

“The Framery booths are just brilliant!”

The acoustics of the Framery booths are really good. There is absolutely no echo inside and the telephone signal is strong with no disturbance. And after long meetings the air inside is fresh, thanks to the automatic air conditioning.”

“The Framery booths are just brilliant! They are easy to use and work like promised. The design is beautiful and simple Scandinavian. Thanks to the glass structure the booths fit in to the office without looking too heavy.”

Jaan Apajalahti, CEO and founder for ZeroKeyboards, trained his elevator pitch for the Silicon Valley Elevator pitch competition in one of the booths. It is impossible to train for that in open air office. So, Jaan booked the booth, recorded the speech on video, trained and repeated it at least forty times. People at the office didn’t get disturbed, and Jaan got the privacy to rehearse. As a result of this, he won the very tight elevator pitch competition!”




Framery location shoot