Case | Zynga – Toronto, Canada

Gaming giant Zynga has unveiled its newly renovated Tor…

Interactive entertainment giant Zynga has unveiled its newly renovated Toronto headquarters designed by M Moser Associates. This vibrant and innovative workspace captures Zynga’s culture of fun, excitement, and collaboration, while prioritizing individual and team flexibility, using Framery pods to provide private spaces for their flexible working style.

The office design aligns with Zynga’s connected, hybrid workplace strategy. It provides a variety of adjustable work settings, including collaboration areas, meeting rooms, and individual workspaces in the form of Framery One pods, catering to different work styles and promoting collaboration and productivity. 

M Moser Associates utilized purposeful design to create an engaging and motivating workplace that reflects Zynga’s culture. By leveraging Zynga’s playful brand, the office design captures the essence of the company’s values and creates an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

The chosen materials and design elements create a harmonious and comforting atmosphere. From the communal booth wall to the reception area and gaming space, the office fosters collaboration and offers spaces for both focused work and team interactions.

Zynga’s new office is an embodiment of the company’s culture and values. With its engaging design, adaptive solutions, and focus on employee well-being and collaboration, this dynamic workspace sets the stage for Zynga’s next evolution. 

By putting people first and embracing a hybrid work strategy, Zynga continues to strengthen its unique position as a leader in the interactive entertainment industry.