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The entire office at your fingertips

Find and book spaces to meet and focus within seconds.


Manage your workday on the go

The Framery App is the easiest way to book pods and meeting spaces for every task throughout your day and keep every calendar connected – all inside the app.

Find available spaces

See real-time availability of pods and meeting rooms in your office.

Create bookings

Make reservations quickly and easily directly from your phone – in advance or on the go.

Adjust reservations

Extend or release your booking effortlessly and keep every calendar up-to-date.

Save your favorites

See your favorite pods and workspaces first when searching for available spaces.

Download Framery App

Make it easier than ever for your team to navigate their workday.

40% of workers spend over 30 minutes each day searching for a vacant space

Framery Connect

Advanced bookability for your smart pods

Synchronize the status of your smart pods with your internal booking system – and adjust reservations directly from the pods.

Woman accessing a black Framery One soundproof office pod with a calendar booking


Insights you need to keep improving your workplace

Make workplace management decisions with information about how your office is really used with Framery Connect.

Every connected space provides insights you need to provide the right spaces in the right places – and keep improving your workplace.

Gain insights

Get realtime usage data of your smart pods and connected spaces.

Access analytics

Visual heatmaps show which spaces are utilized effectively – and which need attention.

Optimize the office

Use the information to improve the layout and efficiency of your workplace.

Behavox office in Montreal.

Large meeting rooms are occupied by fewer than 3 people roughly 80% of the time