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Creating workspaces that work

Framery products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. We work closely with architects and designers to make everyday working life happier and more efficient.

Framery One office pod in a hallway of an office.

Office culture today

Over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices

Source: University of Sydney

Now 80% of all meetings are held between 1-4 people

Source: Rapal Study, 2018

Read more about our research on workflow and workspace design here.

People having a meeting in a Framery meeting pod.


A solution for noisy spaces

Framery office pods and booths reduce noise and distractions – so people can concentrate better and be more productive.

They are ideal for holding meetings, conference calls and ad-hoc discussions reducing the need to build expensive and space consuming meeting rooms.

Quality products from quality engineering

Framery products begin and end with quality – because quality materials make quality products.

Framery O

DEsign that inspires

Our pods fit in everywhere – but always stand out

The signature design of Framery pods fit seamlessly in modern offices.

Our color schemes and accessories to fit all styles and needs, while sustainable high-quality materials guarantee an unmatched user experience.

Framery Q meeting pod in a hallway of a building.

The new workspace

Working with Architects

We actively collaborate with The American Institution for Architects (AIA) through educational courses emphasising the importance of distraction-free workspaces and the tools to achieve optimal environmental acoustics.

We’ll be happy to help you too, just let us know how.


How many pods do you need and where to put them?

When placed correctly, our pods improve communication, reduce rush, boost efficiency – and ultimately increase employee happiness.

Here are some key tips on how to place our pods and office booths:

1. Provide enough pods

We recommend providing one Framery O for every 15 employees, one Framery Q for every 20 employees and one Framery 2Q for every 30 employees.

2. Consider user needs

Provide different kinds of pods based on users’ needs. Some need to concentrate, others to work collaboratively.

3. Use pods as space dividers

Divide the floor plan to smaller zones based on activities as in point 2.

4. Place in the middle of activity areas

Pods and booths should be placed in the middle of activity areas, not hidden away in corners. That way people can easily see if they are vacant and access them.

Pod placement options.

Framery pods in action

Many of the world’s leading companies are using our office pods to make their people happier. And save time, space and money. See how they look in action.

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    Case | LinkedIn – Dubai

    LinkedIn’s Dubai headquarters draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of the city’s history and landscape. And a fleet of Framery pods make a remarkable addition to the office’s working environment.

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  • Framery O phonebooth in Toca Boca office.

    Case | Toca Boca – Stockholm, Sweden

    Swedish gaming studio Toca Boca redesigned their Stockholm campus with inspiring creative imagery, thoughtful use of space, and a collection of Framery pods.

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    Siemens, the global technology powerhouse, has unveiled its redesigned office in Linz, Austria, reflecting its innovative spirit and commitment to a dynamic work environment. At the core of this office…

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  • Case | Zynga – Toronto, Canada

    Gaming giant Zynga has unveiled its newly renovated Torontoheadquarters, using Framery pods to provide private spaces for their flexible working style.

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  • Framery pods in NVIDIA office

    Case | NVIDIA

    For years, NVIDIA has trusted Framery to help create a workplace that truly works – with over 350 Framery pods in more than 50 NVIDIA offices worldwide – and 140 Framery pods in their Silicon Valley headquarters alone.

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