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Colliers’ Frankfurt office was renovated in 2019, enabling flexibility with a little help from our soundproof pods. Framery O is their office-wide favorite!

Colliers is a leading global real estate service and investment management company with operations in 68 countries. Their 14,000 enterprising people work collaboratively to provide expert advice and services in order to maximize the value of property for real estate occupiers, owners and investors. 

Last year, Colliers’ Frankfurt office went through a renovation and implemented an open-plan office with flexible seating. Eager to find out more about the new office design and Framery’s role in this scenario, we asked Nina Breuer, Associate Director of Colliers, to share Colliers’ story.

Before the office renovation, Colliers employees had fixed telephones on their desks. The constant ringing of the phones and everyone talking into their phones at their desks led to a very noisy office environment. With their new office design, Colliers moved from fixed phones to using head-sets: Now with the headsets, employees have the option to get up and go to a Framery phone booth for confidential and even private calls. No-one else in the office can hear a word because they have such good acoustics. It’s not bothering anybody!” says Breuer.

Framery O office phone booths at Colliers Frankfurt office
Framery O phone booths are in constant use at Colliers Frankfurt office.

Additionally, Frankfurt has very strict fire regulations which may raise an issue or two when designing an office there. Fortunately, no need to worry, when it comes to fire safety and Framery products. “Framery products are considered movable furniture rather than a building structure that sprinkler requirements are typically set for. They are also significantly smaller than actual built-in rooms. Therefore, there was no need to install separate sprinklers inside the pods; the surrounding space’s sprinkler covers the pods as well…” Our products have indeed been tested for fire safety and the products do not contain any easily combustible materials, therefore, they do not increase the fire load of the surrounding space by hindering the operation of the sprinklers in it. 

“At the end, Framery is very cost-efficient when you compare it to what you would have to pay for a built-in room with all its construction work, regulations and permissions.“

“At the end, Framery is very cost-efficient when you compare it to what you would have to pay for a built-in room with all its construction work, regulations and permissions. It has a long-lasting value because you can also take the pods with you if you move to another location,” Breuer continues. 

Framery Q office pod at Colliers Frankfurt office
Framery pods have decreased the noise throughout Colliers office in Frankfurt.

Breuer also sees a direct linkage between overall workplace happiness and using Framery pods: The Framery pods have absolutely increased employee satisfaction! The noise has decreased throughout the office, and those using the pods don’t have to be afraid that they’re too loud, or that someone is listening to what they’re talking about.” says Breur. “The nice colors are a great addition too. It makes the whole office more comfortable and cozy, not so much ‘office-looking.’”

”All my colleagues love the Framery phone booths because they function so well… And now we have many happy users,” Breuer sums up. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how our products have made their users truly happy. In the end, happiness is what matters the most to us.

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