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Enhance the acoustics of the entire workplace

Embedded sound masking improves the atmosphere outside the pods – and throughout your entire office.


Reduce noise distractions and further protect speech privacy

The sound masking system creates a subtle background noise that makes conversations and other sounds less intelligible – and less distracting.

Enhanced ambiance

The specifically designed ambient sound blends harmoniously with the office’s noise atmosphere.

Improved privacy

The faint background noise increases privacy by masking speech and other distracting sounds.

Impressive radius

An embedded speaker in Framery smart pods distributes noise evenly across an area of 5m / 16 ft outside of the pods.

Zero deployment costs

Improve the overall acoustics and productivity around the Framery smart pods with zero deployment costs.


A sophisticated solution designed to be nearly unnoticible even in open spaces – effectively masking distracting sounds without becoming a distraction itself.


Noise is a distraction if it can be understood

For a discussion to be inaudible in a quiet office, it must take place halfway across the space or in another room.

The combination of Framery’s soundproof spaces and the Framery Office Sound Masking System reduces distractions for the entire workplace.

Fewer distractions

Workers outside the pods experience improved concentration, reduced distractions, and enhanced privacy.

Better environment

Sound masking creates a more equitable auditory environment for the entire workplace community.

Equitable impact

Minimize the acoustic impact of open-plan designs – and maximize the impact of Framery smart pods throughout your office.