All Things Framerian

We wrote our Culture Handbook as an expression of how we succeed together – now and in the future.

Welcome to Framery!

As a furniture company, we design, build, and ship the world’s best soundproof office pods around the world. As a group of humans, we seek to help people work together better across the globe.

This handbook aligns us as a community and gives us a shared understanding of what kind of workplace Framery is.

A working guide to Framery culture

Our workplace culture is the personality we have developed as a company, and the character of the people who work here.

Think of this handbook as an initiation into the world of Framery – and everything we do to ensure the success of our people and our company.

We’re proud of our culture – and proud to be Framerians. And we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Company principles

An introduction to what our company principles are, what they look like, and how they feel.

Employee experiences

Real-life examples of our company principles from real-life Framery employees.

Culture matters

Insights into the foundations that guide us to create the best working environment possible.

The path to success is people

We are a people-first company – and we’ve put a lot of energy into becoming a great place to work.

As a global leader in creating successful workplaces, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create a successful workplace ourselves.

We want to share some of the tools we have utilized to create an environment where people are free to be themselves, and capable of growing alongside our business.

Working life at Framery

We support our people’s ambitions to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

Successful practices

We share ideas and inspiration to help create a truly successful company culture.

Organizational culture

We give a peek behind the curtain to show what our company is truly like at it’s core.

What’s inside the Culture Handbook

This handbook is a written account of Framerian ideology. It contains the standards for how we work, what we value, and what we expect from ourselves and each other.

Company principles

Explore the ideology, beliefs, and attitudes that bring our company to life.

What it Means
A definition of each principle and an explanation of how it applies to every Framerian.

What it Looks Like
A list of actions Framerians take to put each principle into practice.

How it Impacts Life at Framery
An expression of how Framerians are impacted by each principle.

Stories from Framerians

Hear how it feels to work at Framery – and what it means to be a Framerian.

“It’s a blessing for me to get to know so many different people. People here cheer for each other, saying ‘good morning’ every day and having informal conversations at the coffee tables.”

Mika Kieranen
Hospitality Specialist, CORE Bistro
Framerian since October 2019

Working life insights

Learn facts, statistics, and details about our culture and how it shapes the experience of working at Framery.

▹ We employ roughly 400 employees in our office in Tampere, Finland

▹ We have people from over 25 nationalities located in +15 countries around the world

▹ There are 8 different departments with over 50 teams

Global leaders of successful workplaces

Employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of our company’s success.
A foundation of wellbeing is crucial to the success of any company – and a priority in our company culture.

Because healthy people are able to perform to the highest standards and get it done.


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