Man working inside a Framery Q in an open plan office.

Office Soundproofing Improves Workplace Satisfaction

Office soundproofing materials can help reduce distracting noises. However, insufficient solutions do not solve the problem of office noise.

As many offices have adopted the open office layout, people have over time become aware of both its benefits and drawbacks. One aspect of open offices many employees struggle with is background noise and the often cacophonous soundscape of the working environment. Some office workers have resorted to noise-canceling devices, headphones, or office partitions to fend off distracting sounds.

Unfortunately, just reducing the sound level of background noise is not enough to remove its negative effects. As long as the sound can be heard, it is still a distraction. That is why more comprehensive soundproofing is needed to bring peace to the office. So what can offices do to improve noise reduction and remove excess noise in the office?

How office soundproofing works?

There are different ways to soundproof an office and some are better than others. Some commonly used office soundproofing materials include acoustic panels, soundproofing paint, ceiling tiles, as well as carpets, and other soft materials that are good at absorbing sound waves. However, the problem with these solutions is that they only reduce and muffle sounds in the office space, rather than block it altogether.

According to research, the cause for distractions in open offices is background speech that is irrelevant to the listener, no matter the volume level.

Hence, the sound level of background noise is not the only problem. All sounds can become a distraction as long as they can be heard. That is why sound reduction alone is not enough. Framery office pods remove office noise from the equation completely and offer a space for focused, distraction-free work. The office noise reduction of Framery pods is achieved with just the right materials that absorb sound while providing exceptional acoustics inside the pod.

What are the effects of poor office space soundproofing?

All employees are different; sounds, such as conversations and background music, can affect people differently. While one person can focus on their work anywhere, to others even the slightest distracting sound can cause great cognitive load. Even if the noise levels are low and the office space has otherwise good acoustics, concentrating on one’s work can still be difficult if quiet, but still, audible phone calls and the chatter of colleagues elsewhere in the office pull the employee out of their work.

Overall, distracting noise in office spaces is a hindrance to focused and cognitively demanding work. Once a distraction, such as the ringing of a coworker’s phone, breaks the flow of work, it can take 20 minutes to regain focus. Today’s office environments are filled with all sorts of ambient noise and constant distractions which makes staying focused on the task at hand difficult.

Distracting office sounds and difficulties to focus can lead to reduced productivity and poor workplace happiness. Improving the happiness of employees should be in the interest of employers as well. Happy employees are 12% more productive and take sick leave 66% less often. In addition, sales personnel who are happy at work drive 37% more sales. Soundproofing an office is one piece of the puzzle in ensuring the happiness of employees and their productivity at work.

People working inside an office pod.

Fight office noise with Framery

Framery office pods are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to acoustic panels and other sound-absorbing materials that will take you only halfway there. Instead, Framery pods can remove unwanted noise in the office space entirely. In addition to providing a place for meetings, videoconferencing, and phone calls, Framery pods can be used as a place for escaping office noise when no distractions are allowed. Working in a soundproof office pod, such as the single-person Framery One, has also been shown to support recovery during the workday, and improve productivity as well as workplace satisfaction.

When measuring the soundproofing of office pods using the speech level reduction classification system, Framery beats the competition hands down. For optimal office soundproofing, a pod should reduce outside noise by at least 30 dB. A study by the Turku University of Applied Sciences found that the Framery O was the only top-selling office pod to reach this level, at 30.3 dB.

The sound-absorbing materials used in Framery pods include recycled acoustic foam, sound-control glass, and fabric interior panels that both absorb sound but also enable excellent acoustics inside the pod. Not only do the pods reduce outside office noise, but they also keep the sounds of conversations and meetings inside the pod. 

Forget noise-canceling devices and installing acoustic panels on the office walls. Framery office pods are the smart solution to office soundproofing.