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Workplace management through office data

The new workspace

Make Better Decisions About Your Office

Framery Connect is the workplace management tool that gives you valuable insights into how your office works.

With detailed statistics for every connected Framery One in your organization you’ll be able to harness the full power of your pods.

Analyze Pod Usage
Easy-to-follow heatmaps display data about which pods are being used – and when they’re in highest demand.

Understand Your Workplace
See which spaces in your workplace are working efficiently – and what spaces need your attention.

Optimize The Office
Identify trends of when people are coming to the office – and what spaces they use the most.

Framery Analytics

Office Insights From Data

Make office development decisions based on behavioral data – so you know how and when people use the office.

Access Analytics Data
Usage data gathered from your connected pods is displayed in visual heatmaps.

Learn How Your Pods Are Used
See hourly pod utilization rates and explore usage over your pod’s entire lifetime.

Improve How Your Office Flows
See which spaces are functioning efficiently and learn where your pods should be placed.

Bookable Pods

Make pods bookable by connecting them to your organization’s existing calendar – so the entire office stays in sync.

Automated Reservations
Framery One automatically reserves the pod upon entry and displays upcoming bookings on the screen.

Easily Adjust Booking
Extend your reservation directly from the pod through the control panel with a single touch.

Real-Time Availability
Immediate synchronization between your pod and your organization’s booking system.

Person working in a Framery One office pod in an open plan office space while two other people are having a conversation in the room.

Framery Customer Care

Unparalleled support for any issues that may arise with your connected pods – so you can work worry-free.

Product Troubleshooting
Connect to a Framery specialist to get to the bottom of any issue you may experience.

Maintenance Reporting
Address any concerns with the functionality of your Framery One or digital service.

Automatic Updates
Get instant software updates for your Framery through the pod’s 4G connection to the Framery Cloud.

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Explore Framery One

The world’s first connected soundproof pod

  • Speech level reduction of 30dB
  • Total airflow 29 l/s, 61 CFM (103,6 m3/h)
  • Dual adjustable 4000K LED lighting
  • Floor space: 122 cm (W) × 100 cm (D) // 48 in (W) × 39.4 in (D)