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Build a workplace that really works

Provide the right spaces in the right places – and support your team to get things done.


Make them an office they can’t refuse

You can now make workplace management decisions based on the way people actually use the workplace.

Gain insights

Get real-time usage data for all of your smart pods and connected spaces.

Access analytics

Analyze valuable occupancy information displayed in visual heatmaps.

Provide privacy

Make sure everyone can find the space they need – when and where they need it.

Optimize the office

See which smart pods are in effective locations – and which need attention.

Make every space in your office work efficiently

Identify how people use the spaces in your office. And provide private workspaces when and where they are needed.

Remove the guesswork from office design

See which spaces are functioning efficiently with occupancy data from every Framery pod or office space equipped with the Framery Connect sensor.

The palm-sized Framery Connect sensor can easily be attached to any room or pod in your office to give you a complete overview of every working space.


Secure collecting and handling of data

Framery smart pods & the Framery Connect sensor gather anonymous occupancy data to measure when and how often spaces are used.

Users in the space cannot be identified – and no personally identifiable data is collected. Calendar events reserved in a smart pod are transferred into Framery’s system – but not stored permanently. And all personal information related to those events is deleted after the reservation has ended.

Framery is committed to the secure collecting and handling of data and protecting workplace privacy.

Every connected space provides insights you need to keep improving your workplace


Keep your entire organization in harmony

Enable Framery Connect to synchronize the status of your smart pods with your internal booking system – and keep the entire team calendar up to date.

Real-time availability

Synchronize the status of your smart pods with your booking system to keep the team calendar up to date.

Status updates

Smart pods automatically create a reservation upon entry – in the pod and across the organization.

One-touch adjustments

Bookings adjusted directly from the smart pod’s control panel or through the Framery app stay synced and updated.

Woman accessing a black Framery One soundproof office pod with a calendar booking

Set your office up for success

Unparalleled Support

Get instant support from a Framery specialist for any issues that may arise with your connected pods or sensors.

Always updated

Instantly receive automatic over-the-air feature upgrades – initiated and installed silently in the background.

Privacy ensured

No identifiable user data is collected – Framery Connect only tracks workspace occupancy information.

Everything in one place with Framery Connect

Set your up office for the people who use it – and make it easier than ever to get work done.

No identifiable user data is collected through Framery Connect

Easily find & book spaces on the go

Get even more from Framery Connect with the Framery app – the easiest way to book pods and meeting spaces.


Manage your entire workday in one place

Access the entire workplace at your fingertips. The Framery app is the easiest way to book pods and meeting spaces for every task throughout your day.

Find a space

See which spaces in the office are currently available – instantly and in real-time.

Make a booking

Reserve spaces and adjust bookings directly from your phone – in advance or on the go.

Save your favorites

Bookmark your favorite spots to check their availability at a glance.