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The smart and soundproof meeting pod for 1–4 people

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A smarter way to meet and get things done together




100 l/s


52 W

energy consumption


100 %

end of life recyclability

For every meeting. For every team.

A smart and soundproof meeting pod for modern teams and hybrid work. Engineered to last. Designed for people who get it done.

Advanced privacy that you can trust

A-class soundproofing fine-tuned to human speech frequencies means uninterrupted privacy. So you can work freely without disrupting others.

Airflow that keeps you fresh

Adaptive ventilation allows the meeting pod to fully change the air inside every 54 seconds. Choose between direct or indirect airflow and adjust it how you like it.

Lighting that keeps you focused

Automated lighting automatically responds to your needs. Choose from preset optimized lighting modes ideally adjusted for video calls or focused work.

Workdays that flow with ease

Get even more from your smart pod with Framery workplace technology. Unlock mobile bookings, walk-in-reservations, and calendar connection across your entire organization.


Cutting-edge technology and advanced capabilities

Fine-tuned soundproofing

A patent-pending acoustic structure tuned to human speech frequency provides A-class speech level reduction of 30dB – the industry’s top ISO 23351-1 rating for office phone booths.

Automated lighting

Dual adjustable 4000K LED light sources allow you to seamlessly switch between video or work modes – or make manual adjustments to suit your preferences.

Temperature and humidity detection

Sensors inside the pod recognize the temperature and humidity of the office environment – and automatically optimize the airflow accordingly.

Occupancy sensors

Millimeter-wave radar sensors immediately detect when someone enters or leaves the pod, allowing lighting and ventilation to adjust accordingly.

And top-mounted occupancy lights show at a glance whether the pod is free, booked, or about to become available.

Embedded sound masking

A built-in speaker improves the atmosphere outside the pods – and throughout your entire office.

The sound masking system creates a subtle background noise, similar to airflow that makes conversations and other sounds less intelligible – and less distracting.

Automatic upgrades

A built-in 4G connection enables automatic over-the-air feature upgrades – initiated instantly and silently in the background.

Framery Four meeting pod in an acoustic testing environment
Framery Four meeting pod and Framery One Compact office phone booth in a lobby area of an office.

Meet together and get to work

People having a meeting inside a Framery Four smart meeting pod.

Designed for you

The luxurious and spacious interior of Framery Four fits four people comfortably, and comes equipped with two cozy sofas and plenty of table space.

This state-of-the-art soundproof meeting pod is packed with technology that helps you focus on your meeting and connect online with people anywhere.

Intuitive controls

Every aspect of the pod is designed with the user in mind. An 8-inch, high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations.

A person adjusting the meeting pod's settings with Framery Four's touchscreen.
A person using their phone.

Effortless bookings

Create a reservation in the phone booth by simply stepping inside – and extend your booking with a single touch.

And make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book through the Framery app – in advance or on the go.


A beautiful space to meet together

Choose from a wide range of stylish colors, materials, fabrics, and furnishings to make your Framery Four work for you and your team.


Designed for modern meetings

The ultimate meeting pod

Framery Four’s interior layout is ideal for face-to-face meetings. The sofas comfortably fit four people – with custom cushions available for additional comfort and support.

A close-up image of Framery Four's sofa.

Spacious and supportive

The full-sized table offers ample workspace – with an optional monitor arm available for your screen of choice. Built-in power outlets and USB-C PD charge ports support all your office accessories.

A close-up image of Framery Four's table and touchscreen.

Even more working space

An optional gather zone outside of Framery Four creates an additional meeting area – with a convenient add-on rail where a whiteboard or additional display can be attached.

A close-up of Framery Four's optional whiteboard.
A smart meeting pod, Framery Four in an open plan office.

A smart meeting pod –
an even smarter choice

Framery Four is a cost-effective solution for offices everywhere – that doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality.

Quality engineering

Made from steel, aluminum and glass, Framery Four improves upon the world-class soundproofing, industry-leading ventilation, and captivating design that have established Framery pods the global benchmark in quality and innovation.

Easy installation

Efficient and professional installation completed within a few hours. With additional support every step of the way.

Modular design

The optional movability kit makes it easy to relocate the phone booth without the need for disassembly.

Move it anywhere

Easily relocate the pod without the need for disassembly with the optional movability kit.

Fully compliant

All of Framery’s smart pods have gone through rigorous certification and compliance programs for fire, electrical and seismic safety. An optional seismic kit and additional fire safety features are available to adhere to more stringent local regulations.

Framery Four Accessible

A smart and ADA compliant soundproof meeting pod that provides privacy for all.

Low threshold with an external platform

The low threshold (1.25 cm / 0.5 in) and the external platform makes it easy to access the pod with a wheelchair.

Pull bar on the door

The door has a sturdy black metal pull bar for opening and closing the door effortlessly.

T-shaped turning space

Framery Four Accessible has a T-shaped turning space for adequate space to turn with a wheelchair.

Folding table and sofas

The folding sofas have been designed without compromising the seating comfort. The folding table serves as a functional work desk.


The most sustainable pods ever built

This soundproof meeting pod is built to last – with 100% end of life recyclability. The lightweight structure, sophisticated engineering, and efficient use of materials make it a beautiful and sustainable choice.

Award-winning sustainability

Framery was awarded with a Gold Medal sustainability rating from Ecovadis sustainability – placing us among the top 5% percent of companies assessed in the past year.

Framery smart pods are also GREENGUARD Gold certified for healthy indoor air quality and minimal chemical emissions.

Mindful manufacturing

Framery smart pods are manufactured using zero-emission electricity. Our factory logistics are operated on biogas and renewable diesel. Virtually no waste goes to landfill.

Reduced footprint

A change from plywood to steel has helped us achieve a 23% material reduction with our smart pods and a 16% reduction in related carbon footprint from manufacturing on average.

Fully recyclable

At the end of its life, Framery Four is fully recyclable as a result of eliminating composite and other hard-to-recycle materials.

Modular product structures allow Framery smart pods to be easily serviced and refurbished – extending their life cycles indefinitely.

Framery designers measuring Framery pod's part's dimensions


Tech specs at a glance

Framery Four meeting pod's dimensions
    232.9 × 235.2 × 129.2 cm
    91.7 × 92.6 × 50.9 in (h, w, d)
    30 DS,A (dB) speech level reduction
    Maximum airflow 100 l/s, 212 CFM (360.2 m3/h)
    Dual 4000K light sources
    mmWave radar presence detection
    52W default energy consumption
    Built-in 4G with provided SIM card
    Automatic software updates
    100% EOL recyclability

More about Framery Four

What makes Framery Four smart?

Framery Four is a smart and soundproof meeting pod that uses advanced technology to provide additional functionalities to standard office pods.

Framery Four features optimized lighting for video calls, adaptive airflow, can receive instant product upgrades through a 4G connection, and collect data on pod usage which can be analyzed to optimize office space utilization and user experience.

What is a soundproof meeting pod?

A soundproof meeting pod is an enclosed and acoustically isolated space designed to facilitate meetings and discussions. These pods offer an environment where teams can collaborate without disturbing or being disturbed by the surrounding office noise.

Framery pods are equipped with industry-leading soundproofing materials to prevent external noise from entering and to ensure privacy during conversations.

How much does a meeting pod cost?

The cost of an office meeting pod can vary widely depending on factors such as size, features, materials, and quality. There are also additional costs associated with delivery, installation, and any additional upgrades or future repairs.

Framery Four is an advanced, sustainable, and beautifully-designed office meeting pod that provides far more functionality than similarly priced competitor products. You can find the starting net prices at the top of the Framery Four product page.

All Framery office pods and booths are more cost-effective than the cost of new construction.

What are smart pods?

Smart pods are advanced soundproof office pods that use technology to provide additional functionalities.

These functionalities may include the ability to sense and respond to environmental conditions, provide occupancy data for optimizing office layouts, and receive over-the-air software upgrades to integrate new features into the future.

How do smart pods differ from other pods?

Smart pods incorporate advanced technology and connectivity features that normal office pods may not have, while providing equal or superior soundproofing to traditional “non-smart” office pods.

Framery smart pods feature automated lighting and ventilation, occupancy detection, and collect data on pod usage which can be analyzed to optimize office space utilization and user experience.

How many meeting pods do I need in my office?

The ideal number of meeting pods and booths depends on the size of your team.

A fleet of different-sized pods can work together to make your office run more smoothly and efficiently. There should be 1 single-person pod and 1 meeting pod for every working neighborhood of 6–12 people.

Explore our Pod Placement Guide for a comprehensive overview tailored to your office size.


Framery smart pods


The smart and
office phone booth

Framery One Compact, smart office phone booth


The smart and
soundproof one-person
office pod

Framery One, smart office pod


The smart and soundproof meeting room

Framery Six, smart meeting room

Framery workplace technology


Check availability and book spaces in advance or on-the-fly directly from your phone.

A phone showing Framery App on its screen.

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Improve ambience, reduce distractions, and enhance speech privacy for a more productive environment.

A zoomed in image of Framery Four pod.

Framery Connect Sensor™

Analyze occupancy data and gain comprehensive insights into how your entire office is used.

Framery Connect Sensor on a wall.

Framery Connect™

Make workplace management decisions based on data.

Get real-time occupancy data of your smart pods and connected spaces and improve the layout and efficiency of your workspace.

A computer screen showing Framery Connect's analytics data.

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