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The soundproof
meeting room for teams of up to 6

A person stepping into a conference in a Framery 2Q meeting room.

The soundproof meeting ROOM

A full-sized meeting room for up to 6 people

Framery 2Q is a fully-functional soundproof meeting room that supports your team when working in-person and online.

Designed for Teamwork & Collaboration

Work together to get it done – in person and online

Designed for 4-6 people, Framery 2Q meeting room is the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together – without disturbing the office.

Optimized for Video Conferences

The whole team can see and be seen

Framery 2Q can easily be equipped with video conferencing technology – so you can stay in touch with your entire team wherever they are.

World-Class Soundproofing

Speak freely

Meet without worrying, as Framery 2Q’s speech level reduction of 29dB prevents noise from penetrating the pod in either direction.

Industry-Leading Ventilation

Fresh air for everyone

With a total airflow over 121 l/s, Framery 2Q’s adjustable ventilation lets you set your preferred amount of circulation and freshness.

It’s not just a soundproof pod – it’s an entire soundproof meeting room

Unparalleled Speech Privacy

Place your pods directly next to work stations without worrying about being overheard.

Quality Engineering

Framery 2Q is built from durable, sustainable materials that stand the test of time.

Award-Winning Design

Timeless design and ergonomics make
Framery 2Q as functional as it is stylish.

Framery 2Q quick specs

A versatile meeting room with a small office footprint

  • Speech level reduction of 29dB
  • Total airflow 121 l/s, 256 CFM (436 m³/h)
  • 4000K / 400 lux LED lighting
  • Floor space: 235 cm (W) × 280 cm (D) // 92.5 in (W) × 110.2 in (D)

Design your pod your way

Design your Framery 2Q to work for you

A variety of colors, finishings, and layouts are available so you can truly make your pod your own.

Choose your layout

Framery 2Q is available with a table, with a couch, or without furniture.
And every layout is available in a range of exterior colors.

Black Framery 2Q meeting room with a huddle interior layout.

Framery 2Q Huddle

  • Full-sized working table
  • Wall-mounted screen bracket
  • Large whiteboard (available as an option)
  • Adjustable lighting & ventilation
Sand colored Framery 2Q meeting room with a lounge layout that includes a cornered couch and a whiteboard.

Framery 2Q Lounge

  • Wrap-around Clint sofa
  • Full-sized whiteboard
  • Wall-mounted shelf
  • Adjustable lighting & ventilation


Ergonomically designed layouts promote teamwork and productivity.


Set your preferred lighting & ventilation settings with a simple touch.


All interior fabrics are safety certified and stand up to the wear and tear of heavy use.

“The most surprising thing was how versatile they are. And they’re soundproof!”

Kevin Peers
Wawanesa Insurance Canada
Supervisor of Office Services

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