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Shopee’s new headquarters in Singapore is stunning with Framery pods making sure the space is fully utilized. Read the full reference story here!

Shopee is the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan and is a part of a larger internet company, Sea Group. With their focus on a regionally tailored, easy and secure online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers, Shopee’s aim is to enhance their platform to be the first choice for the region’s e-commerce. 

We got a moment with Shopee’s Corporate Real Estate Manager, Mr. Foo Chen Hau, to talk about their brand new, six-level headquarters in Singapore and how Framery became a part of this project: “We heard that Framery pods can provide an acoustic solution for small meetings or phone calls. We got the chance to test a pod and were impressed by the design, acoustics and the comfort level it provided.” 

Framery Q pod in a bright office
It’s easy to hop into a Framery Q to take a call or just to have a moment for yourself.

“The pods reduce the need for booking an entire meeting room for a one-person phone call. Framery is a preferred choice.”

Framery office pods are mainly used for phone calls and small discussions amongst Shopee’s employees. Chen Hau sees this as a benefit: “The pods reduce the need for booking an entire meeting room for a one-person phone call. Framery is a preferred choice.” 

Part of an organizations overall wellbeing is often the employees’ chance to change their working environment when needed. At Shopee, Framery pods are seen – among other things – as an alternative meeting space and, therefore, offer versatility to the everyday work environment.

Framery Q office pods in Shopee
Even a big hallway can be a great place to work in – with Framery Q pods.
Shopee headquarters
Shopee headquarters in Singapore is beyond beautiful.

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