Framery is named as a ’Great Place To Work’ – hitting 22nd on the list!

Framery secures 22nd spot in the ’Great Place To Work’ list, validating their exceptional efforts towards employee wellbeing and happiness.

Framery’s commitment to workplace happiness is validated once again as Framery is named as a ’Great Place To Work’ – hitting 22nd on the list! 

Framery has made an exceptional effort in making the company the happiest and best possible workplace for its employees. To be listed on the Great Place To Work- list requires tangible steps to be taken towards employee’s happiness and wellbeing – and Framery has taken a lot of these!

Developing our home base

Framery is born and driven by a single purpose, to improve workplace happiness, not only through our products but also in the way we act as an employer. One of our strategic projects for 2018 has been to develop our home base in Tampere, Finland to ensure that our employees are happy and well during the current period of sensational growth. Framery is also aiming to recruit the best talents from all around the world and top talent demands world class employer services and outstanding management structure.

”Creating a career experience that allows each individual to work at the intersection of happiness, passion, purpose and profit is at the core of HR’s mission in supporting Framery’s growth. – says Head of People and Culture Anni Hallila.

Great Place To Work

Great Place to Work® Certification is an excellent way for an organization to measure the level of its corporate culture, to compare it to the results of the best companies to work for, and to develop the business to a new level. The GPTW- organization has a very straightforward goal to develop companies throughout the world; better business – better jobs for people – a better society.

 “Although the GPTW competition is just once in a year, the framework helps us to keep our finger on the pulse and implement systematic follow-up actions to understand how we can even better meet our employees’ individual needs in the future.”


We believe that success comes from happiness, engagement and wellbeing. When a company grows as fast as Framery does, people are constantly faced with interesting new challenges and that cultivates engagement. It also means that we need to up our game each year to provide support for the growth of our employees and we do it by focusing on holistic wellbeing, training, ensuring transparent communication and developing our unique culture of workplace happiness- says Hallila.

About the company

Framery was established in Tampere, Finland in 2010 with the goal of enabling workplace happiness through its phone booths, pods and soundproof private spaces, which are all proudly designed and produced at its Tampere headquarters. Framery products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices, making employees happier and more productive in dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte and Puma. In fact, 40% of all Forbes 100 companies use Framery.

Framery is owned by Finland-based Vaaka Partners, the company founders and its management. Over the years Framery has been the recipient of a number of prestigious design and business growth awards.

Most recent awards include:

  • Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the year in Finland 2018 Samu Hällfors
  • Orgatec Innovation Award Architecture+ Office 2018: ”Jury’s Mention” for Framery 2Q
  • European Business Awards, national winner for Finland in the elite award for growth strategy of the year category, 2018
  • Good Design Award®, AUSTRALIA 2018

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