Framery Contact

Experience Face-To-Face like never before.

Hybrid working is here to stay – but we are lacking interaction.
We sit in constant meetings without encounters.
We are always connected but miss out on true contact.

Revolutionary product concept

Framery Contact

Framery is proud to present a revolutionary product concept that bridges the gap between the convenience of remote meetings and the personal experience of meeting face-to-face.

Framery Contact is a virtual meeting pod that comes closer to recreating the experience of a real face-to-face conversation than any other technology on the market.

It’s time to experience face-to-face like never before.

A new generation of remote meetings

​​The next stage in the race towards a new generation of remote meetings

Framery Contact is an innovation that will disrupt offices worldwide and change how we think about remote work for good.

The visually and acoustically isolated pod uses high-performance projection to bring the virtual participants to life.

The limitations of video conferencing

Virtual interactions are more common than ever. While convenient, current video conferencing tools come with many challenges and limitations – the greatest of which is a lack of real face-to-face interaction.

Traditional video calls conceal non-verbal cues, such as eye contact, direct gaze, and body language – thereby limiting personable social dynamics, and even idea generation.

COMBINed technologies

The connectedness of a true
face-to-face experience

Framery Contact uses a combination of advanced and analogue technology to replicate the true face-to-face meeting experience. The visual and acoustic isolation provided by the pod helps promote spatial presence and connectedness.

Projections are captured unaltered, and transmitted at the highest possible quality, while strategically placed mirrors capture and display direct eye contact. This ensures a high degree of social presence and prevents adverse effects caused by computer-generated imagery.

Sound is captured with a high-performance cardioid microphone and played out of an active audio monitor that accurately matches the radiation pattern and frequency response of a human speaker. LED lights are optimized to fully illuminate the user without blinding them.

Convenient, effective, and sustainable

A single return flight between London and New York emits 1.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide – while the combined manufacturing, use of five years, and recycling of a Framery Contact pod emits only 1.4 tonnes.

The convenience of bringing remote videoconferencing closer to face-to-face meetings also helps companies cut down on unnecessarily costly and environmentally adverse business travel.

Try Framery Contact

Framery Contact will be made available for pilot customers with immediate effect, after which the date of broader commercial availability will be determined. Demo pods will also be available in Framery’s showroom in Chicago, and at the Framery headquarters in Tampere, Finland.

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