Women sitting in Framery Q soundproof meeting pod

Framery Donates Acoustic Pods to The Cancer Foundation Finland

The Cancer Foundation Finland is on the front lines of cancer research in Finland. We donated 2 new pods to support them in their efforts.

Every year, Framery selects a cause to support that has a distinct and philanthropic purpose. 

This year, we are pleased to donate 2 brand new soundproof pods to The Cancer Foundation Finland (Syöpäsäätiö). The pods provide quiet spaces for The Cancer Foundation Finland’s staff members to work efficiently. The donation represents a great example of two companies coming together to battle cancer together in their own areas of speciality.

The Cancer Foundation Finland

The Cancer Foundation Finland is the largest private cancer research financier in Finland.

Financed purely by donations, the foundation provides support for cancer patients and their loved ones, and finances cancer research with the belief that no one should lose their life to cancer.

“With this donation, we get to work efficiently. Pods are a great example of how many different ways companies can support work in our country to beat cancer.”

With approximately 80 professionals working at the Cancer Society of Finland, these pods have become a necessity for staff members to discuss urgent work matters with colleagues, both in-person and remotely.

Woman sitting in Framery O soundproof office pod

Pods to support the work

Framery is thrilled to provide the Cancer Foundation Finland with a Framery O and a Framery Q Meeting Maggie to support their team. 

Pods offer a highly functional and modern upgrade to the premises. ”We are happy with our new pods. The pink is a great representation of the Pink Ribbon collection, which is our best-known charity campaign,” states Marika Salonen, Head of Business Cooperation, referring to the pods’ seat color.

“Pods have become a necessity as there are only a few meeting rooms at the office, but a lot of issues to discuss and have a meeting about.”

Marika Salonen

Women sitting in Framery Q soundproof meeting pod

The Framery Q Meeting Maggie is located in the busiest area in the office, as it’s close to the lobby and kitchen so it receives a majority of the foot traffic. Located in a noisy space, the soundproof design of the pod allows employees to step away for a moment of respite.

Equipped with wheels, the pods can be easily moved between locations. For example, if the lobby is redecorated, the pods can be wheeled around and arranged in a different way. If the Cancer Foundation Finland were ever to move to a completely new address, the pods could be relocated as well.


Soundproof pods solve noise and privacy issues in open offices

We make offices all around the world happier and more productive with our soundproof pods and phone booths.

Over 40% of Forbes 100 companies use our pods – and we take great honor in finding opportunities to pay it forward through collaboration and donations.

”Framery pods provide a calm environment for private conversations, personal phone calls, or just a moment for staff members to find some peace and quiet,”

Samu Hällfors
Founder & CEO of Framery

Framery O is a single-person pod designed for private calls and video conferencing. Equipped with a Tovi stool, Framery O allows users to adjust their working position, ensuring elevated ergonomic comfort.

The Framery Q pod is a soundproof multi-functional space designed for up to four people. Created with the importance of privacy in mind, it is ideal for small meetings with staff or private, sensitive conversations with families.

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