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Soundproof spaces with a flexible subscription

You only commit for three months

Framery’s world-class soundproof spaces are now available for a fixed monthly fee. Get the private spaces needed to keep your office working effectively – without ever purchasing a pod.

And best of all – the flexible subscription fee covers all delivery, installation, and maintenance costs.


Why Framery Subscribed?

Framery Subscribed is a simple, risk-free solution for anyone who wants to enjoy silence in the workplace.

  • Built to last. Framery Subscribed has a built-in process that allows the expansion of the lifecycle of our products. Making our pods even more sustainable. Once used is reusable, not unusable!
  • Flexible investment. Investment decisions can be an exhausting battle-of-the-budgets. The future is always uncertain. Don’t let that prevent employees to enjoy a happier, more efficient workplace.
  • Changing needs. Growing business, limited space, new working culture. Subscribed adapts to your company’s needs and growth trajectory.

Framery Subscribed products

You can subscribe online or ask our sales team for guidance in designing the optimal fleet for your workspace.

Framery One Compact™

Framery One Compact
The smart and soundproof office phone booth

Framery One™

Framery One
The smart and soundproof office pod

Framery Four™

Framery Four
The smart and soundproof meeting pod for 1-4 people

Framery Six™

Framery Six
The smart and soundproof meeting room for teams of up to 6

Ready to use

Framery pods are delivered and installed by our local service partner. So all you need to do is to open the door and tell them where you want it.

Some Subscribed pods may have had a previous life in another office – but we always ensure that the pod is fully refurbished and like-new when delivered.

Warranty & Service

We guarantee that your Framery pod is in mint condition – no matter what.

Framery Subscribed includes a Lifetime Warranty and On-Demand Service to keep the performance of your pod at the highest level.

Your only responsibility is tidying the pod as part of your regular office cleaning.

Pod Relocation

Moving to a new office in the same city? We got your back!

We’ll take care of moving and installing the pod in your new space for you.

Please note – relocating the pod is only allowed to be done through Framery

Framery Subscribed FAQ

What is the delivery time?

In Finland it is approximately 6-7 weeks. In Sweden, Norway, and Netherlands it usually takes 7-8 weeks due to longer distance.

How does the termination work?

The length of the Subscription Period is three months, and it renews automatically until the Service Agreement is terminated. Notice period for the termination of the subscription is 3 months and thus once terminated, the subscription ends at end of the next invoicing cycle. Depending on the date of your termination notice, your commitment to our services may vary between 3 and 6 months.

You need to pay monthly fees only for the time you’ve had the product. No additional charges are invoiced.

Can I redeem the pod to myself?

It is unfortunately not possible. We keep direct sales and Subscribed-sales separate to give us better tools for enabling circular economy model.

If you want to own the pod yourself, our local dealers are more than happy to give you a quote!

Can I order the product to my home?

Yes, in case you have the space required for it! You’ll only need to have a valid business ID which we can invoice.

Will the product fit our doorways?

Product comes in parts, and order includes always assembly service. If there are tight corridors or narrow doorways en route to the installation location, the assembly crew can still carry the parts one by one through them. So no worries!