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Best soundproof insulation for offices

Framery offers soundproof insulation for offices you can trust. Choose Framery for guaranteed sound insulation and other features.

The modern office is full of sounds. Especially the open office layout poses some challenges for workers trying to stay focused on their work in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle. That’s why soundproof office pods and other such solutions have gained much popularity and appreciation in offices, both by managers and employees. And for a good reason. 

The soundproof office pod helps employees escape distractions and have meetings in private, all the while improving their productivity and well-being at the workplace. Unfortunately, just about any soundproof office pod, phone booth or focus room will not do and the quality of soundproofing and acoustic insulation may not always meet the standards. 

How do office pods insulate sound?

The task of a soundproof office pod may seem simple: Keep outside noise out while keeping sound inside the pod. However, how this is achieved is far from simple. One great challenge in establishing the perfect acoustics and soundproof insulation is finding the balance between internal acoustics and just the right level of soundproofing. Too little soundproofing and the outside noise can be heard inside. Too much and the sound inside gets muffled and difficult to hear. Things like ventilation and lighting add their own challenges into the mix.

Thanks to the top-tier soundproof insulation and ventilation of Framery pods, they have been used in more than just regular office work. Read how the commentators for Discovery Norway used our booths during the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

Tested sound insulation: The ISO 23351-1 standard

Finding the balance between exceptional soundproofing insulation and great internal acoustics inside the pod is no small feat. At Framery, the years of expertise, meticulous research and product development result in a product that can answer the needs of offices both big and small.

As proof of Framery’s exceptional sound insulation, our office pods excelled when their soundproofing was tested according to the ISO 23351-1 standard. This ISO standard is used to measure the level of sound reduction by the pod. In order to offer a sufficient level of sound reduction in an office environment, the pod should be able to reduce outside sounds by at least 30dB. 

In a study by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, out of 11 best-selling office pods, the Framery O was the only one to provide a sufficient level of sound reduction with 30.3 dB. Framery is the pioneer of sound-insulating office pods for a good reason.

How is a sound-insulating office pod built?

The importance of the right materials and their quality cannot be understated when it comes to office pods that should insulate outside sounds while having great acoustics inside. A soundproof office pod consists of its frame, glass and soundproofing materials, such as acoustic foam. The pod is built of soft materials with great sound absorption properties as well as hard surfaces that reflect sound just the right amount. 

Framery’s soundproofing materials include:

  • Painted steel panels. These are used on the outside surface of the pod and contribute a great deal to the way the pod looks.
  • Sound-control laminated glass. The right kind of glass not only lets in light and allows users to see out, but it also contributes to soundproofing and acoustics.
  • Steel and aluminum frames. The frame is like the skeleton of the pod that keeps all other parts together. 
  • Recycled acoustic foam. The acoustic foam used in the pod’s walls and roof are great for absorbing sounds. The right amount of acoustic foam in combination with other materials creates a perfect balance of sound insulation and acoustics.
  • Fabric interior panels. The interior panels with a fabric surface also contribute to the pod’s soundproofing as well as interior design.
  • Anti-static floor carpet. The correct materials make the pod’s floor pleasant under the foot but also stain-resistant.

In addition to the durability, quality and sound-insulating properties of materials, nowadays the environmental impact of materials matters more than ever. Most of the materials used in Framery’s soundproof office pods are recycled or recyclable. The birch plywood used in the products is either FSC or PEFC certified. The materials are not friendly only for the environment but also for the user. With safe materials, the pods can be used even for prolonged periods without any hazard for the user.

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Best insulation for guaranteed soundproofing quality

The Framery office pods insulate outside noise and have excellent acoustics inside. By choosing Framery, there is no need to fear that your money is wasted on a product that is low in quality and does not fulfill its function. 

Common issues with cheaper pods of inferior quality include distracting echo inside the pod, the inside sound bleeding out or the pod’s ventilation being too loud. At worst, problems like these may make the pod unusable. Combining great sound insulation, acoustics, ventilation, lighting and a number of additional features requires the best materials and expertise in the field of soundproof office solutions. That is why you should invest only in high-quality office pods, such as the Framery One, or any other pod in our selection of products.

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