Manage your workday on the go with Framery app

framery app

The easiest way to book pods and meeting rooms

The Framery app helps you to manage your workdays on the go. Whether you need spontaneously a free space or want to reserve rooms for upcoming meetings, the Framery app makes it quick and simple.

Main features:

  • View which spaces are free
  • Reserve a space for spontaneous meetings or calls
  • See events from your calendar, check the details and book a space for them
  • Book a space for your meetings in advance
  • Manage your meeting room bookings
  • Set your favourite spaces to see when they are free

The Framery app is not limited only to Framery booths and pods. Any kind of meeting space can be added to the app and for booking.

Get started with the Framery app

To have access to the Framery app, your organization needs to first activate the app and grant login access to employees. If that’s done, then you are all set. Just download the app, login with your company’s Google or Microsoft 365 credentials and start booking spaces.

Are you interested to get the Framery app for your organization? Contact us and we’ll help you get started with it:

Showcasing Framery Connect analytics tool that shows data how the pods using Framery connect are used.

Make better decisions about your workplace

Framery Connect is the workplace management tool that gives you valuable insights into how your office works.