Three simple steps for a successful return to the office

Companies around the world want their employees to return to the office. Framery soundproof pods provide private spaces that make it easy to come back to the workplace.

As many companies are preparing for the return to the office and welcoming employees back, it’s important to consider how to make the transition back to the office a successful one. Ensuring the productivity and comfort of employees can be a challenge – but there are simple ways to make a return to the office a smooth experience for everyone.

Key highlights

  • Include dedicated spaces for undisturbed work 
  • Prepare your office for an increase in hybrid meetings
  • Provide dedicated spaces to foster collaboration and socialization
Framery office pod providing a quiet space in an office environment, facilitating a smooth return to the office.

The right support for the return to office

An office should provide the best possible environment for work. Work now looks and feels different than ever before. And offices need to be prepared to support the needs of modern work. This means providing the right kind of technology and spaces as people return to the office. 

Here are 3 simple steps to create an environment that fosters socializing and enhances productivity:

1 | Dedicated spaces for undisturbed work 

Providing private spaces in the office addresses the need for uninterrupted work and supports employees in tasks that require concentration. These spaces not only reduce stress, but also promote collaboration and cater to the diverse needs of employees

Offices should provide designated areas where employees can make phone calls without being disturbed. This privacy ensures that important conversations can take place with minimal disruption to others.

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2 | Prepare for an increase in hybrid meetings

Workers today spend a third of their week in meetings. And as hybrid work models become more prevalent, these meetings increasingly include at least one virtual participant. 

Modern offices must be equipped to support a mix of both in-person and remote meetings. This means having the necessary technology and collaboration tools in place for communication, and offering suitable spaces to take video calls. 

3 | Foster collaboration with dedicated spaces

Collaboration is essential for productivity and creativity. And spending time with the same people can help build a company culture that fosters a sense of belonging and shared identity among employees.

Offices must provide a space for people to meet and work together – for both socializing and productivity. Private spaces for collaboration help employees work together effectively, and without disturbing others in the office.

A person working in a Framery One office pod in an open plan office.

Make it easy to return to the office

A successful return to the office requires supportive spaces in the right places. Both productivity and socializing and can thrive when the right environment is in place. Framery’s soundproof pods offer a solution for both – providing a space for focused work while also allowing for spontaneous conversations and collaborations. 

Framery’s range of soundproof pods and meeting room solutions provide a flexible approach to creating a productive workplace for all. With the right support in place, any workplace can achieve a successful return to the office, maintaining productivity while fostering collaboration and human interaction.

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More about RTO

What is RTO?

“RTO” is an acronym that stands for “return to the office”. This refers to the process of employees transitioning from remote or hybrid work arrangements back to working from a physical office space. This transition has been a focal point for organizations, especially post-COVID, sparking discussions and plans amid the surge in remote work.

What is the RTO trend?

The trend “Return to Office” (RTO) refers to the ongoing discussion and decision-making process within organizations about whether, when, and how employees should return to working from a physical office after a period of remote or hybrid work. This debate involves weighing employee preferences, health and safety, remote work effectiveness, collaboration needs, and the impact on organizational culture. 

Why isn’t the return to the office working?

A majority of workers still don’t want to return to the way things were before the pandemic. The office simply can’t compete with the home in many areas. Offices don’t typically provide enough private working spaces for focused work and collaboration. And the contemporary home environment remarkably outshines the traditional office in catering to the evolving demands of work.

How do you get people to return to the office?

Striking the right balance between remote and in-office work is a challenge as companies adapt to evolving workforce needs while ensuring business continuity and employee well-being. The key to providing the proper support for modern work is private spaces. Offices must provide a space for people to meet and work together both online and in person.

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