We revolutionized the workplace with our soundproof pods.

Now it’s time to digitize the industry we pioneered.

We’re looking for the best minds in tech to re-shape our company and futureproof workplaces around the globe. And we can’t wait to tell you more.


Why is an office furniture company turning to tech?

We’re creating new technology to improve our already world-class products.

Our soundproof pods have helped bring about a much-needed change in the way people work around the world. Now, we are leading the shift towards the future of work by integrating new technologies into our products, and into workplaces everywhere.

We’re already building the infrastructure – join us as we explore what’s possible.

Physical Meets Digital

Improving the Framery experience by integrating digital technologies into the physical space.

Insights From Data

Providing insights and analytics that help businesses make decisions informed by data science.

Exploring The Future

Discovering, developing, and integrating new digital technologies based on your ideas that will forever change the way the world works.

“The way people work has drastically changed and there’s no turning back.”

“Companies need to adapt to this new hybrid way of working. Framery is in a unique position to offer end-to-end solutions for modern workplaces that help companies focus on their core business, and ensure their people can navigate through their work day with ease.”


“We are exploring new opportunities beyond what we can imagine today.”

“Framery continues shaping the way people work by enhancing our physical products with digital experiences. We are becoming a company that builds solutions where software experiences play a huge role in customer value proposition.

Arto Vahvanen

Head of Digital Offerings & Services

“We need people with varied expertise and seniority.”

“The person could be a seasoned expert looking to take more ownership in an early stage product, a beginner who has eagerness to grow, or anything in between.”


“The perfect team should have clear focus,  ownership of their work, and autonomy to make decisions.”

“We are looking for diverse backgrounds and skillsets from tech, design, and business. We will build a team who can rely on each other to validate and improve the quality of solutions and decisions.”


Veikko Lindberg

Software Engineering Director


Opportunities with Framery

Revolutionizing an entire industry takes a lot of work.

We have filled our tech positions for now – but we always love hearing from awesome people. Fill out an open application and introduce yourself to us!


Fill Open Application


Speak Tech.
Not Finnish.

We’re a Finnish company
with an international mindset.

Being different has always been the key to our international success. We favor diversity and life experience over degrees and buzzwords.


We care about character,
talent, and potential.

Diverse ideas help us make better informed decisions. Better informed decisions help ensure our success.


Career Stories

We’re new to tech – but not to businesses.

Our roadmap to success is paved
with innovation and agility.

All that we’ve achieved so far is due to the way we approach what we do. Our work is driven by innovative thinking, supported by thorough research, and crafted with great design.


We’re building our entire team
from the ground up.

We will build a diverse, inclusive team with an enriched set of skills and backgrounds. Our dream team looks, sounds, and thinks as diversified as the people who use our products.


Working at Framery


We prioritize people over everything else.

Join us if you’re the kind of person who loves to:

Solve Problems

Uncover, explore, and design solutions
to problems we never knew existed.

Perform with Purpose

Find value in creating quality, effective products
that make a global impact.

Explore the Future

Work with new technologies
and research to understand the big picture.

Pursue Greatness

Develop new ideas with the ambition
to influence the world.

Drive Change

Build game-changing technologies
from the ground up.


We provide our people with more
than just a job.

Your personal and professional growth and happiness are our top priority.

Find Happiness

Choose the best environment to enter working life,
advance your career, and find the perfect culture fit.

Own Your Work

There’s no need to worry about
pleasing clients or departmental legacy.

Join Top Talents

Surround yourself with bright minds
and industry leaders from around the world.

Push the Limits

Work hands on with new technologies
and find ways to make a world-class product even better.

Grow With Us

Expand your skillset and advance your career.