We believe that a place to get things done is the best office perk – and want to propose a trade: your useless office perk for a Framery One office pod.

That fussball-table no one ever plays with? Those slightly uncomfortable beanbags? That candy-filled water cooler? All viable currency.

We gave you a chance to apply for a Framery pod to your office. Thank you for all the applications!

The Gallery of Useless Office Perks

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Emotional Support Blanket

Richland, United States

At least you can excercise

Helsinki, Finland

Ghost treadmill desk

Princeton, United States

The wooden foot massager!

Brisbane, Australia

Free USB Charger

Ottawa, Canada

Laptop or Apple IIC

Dublin, Ireland

Did you know....

57 % of office workers say that access to designated quiet space is the best office perk

Cartoon Wall of Inspiration

Bedford, United States


yanbua albahr, Saudi Arabia

100 novelty beer glasses

Stirling, United Kingdom

Having a designated quiet office.

Surprise, United States

Gym in the office

Cork, Ireland

Did you know....

65 % of office workers say that access to designated quiet space improves work-life satisfaction

Did you know...

51 % of office workers say their office does not have enough designated quiet space

Why are we doing this?

Companies are eager to get people to return to the office.

But the pool tables, beanie bags, complimentary snacks, and ball pit meeting rooms they left behind aren’t going to bring them back. In fact, according to our study, 57% of workers agree that access to privacy is the best office perk. It’s our mission to make offices happier and more productive, so we proposed a trade.

We are Framery

A pioneer of soundproof office phone booths, pods and private spaces.
We help your office work in-person, online, & everything in between.
Our products make employees happier and more productive in offices of dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma, and Tesla. In fact, 40% of all Forbes 100 companies use Framery.

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