“Our mission is to create a career experience that allows each individual to work at the intersection of happiness, passion and purpose to support Framery’s growth.”

– Anni Hallila, Head of People and Culture.

Our own tools for happiness

We practice what we preach – In addition to our pods and booths we have our own innovative and unique tools to ensure a happier workplace. Each of the following tools is used at Framery:


One of the key elements of a happy company is transparency. The idea is simple: our organization is truly flat – no strong hierarchy, no unnecessary middle management no hidden secret processes. All the information regarding the operation of our company is available to Framerians on our internal wiki.

Fair decisions, happier people

Another major contributor to workplace unhappiness is unfair decision making – decisions that happen somewhere at a managerial level and the employees are forced to adjust. We wanted to create a tool that really makes decision making smarter and without the constraints of time or place. Framery’s Decision App makes decision making 100% transparent and truly engaging. Employees can see the arguments why each decision is being made and if they have a good idea to make Framery happier, the idea will be adopted.

Our happiness insurance

We have the world’s first happiness insurance. It works in a simple way: if a Framerian feels that something at work strongly decreases their general happiness, as a company we will do everything we can to fix it. If we don’t succeed the person will receive 5000 euros compensation.

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