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Looking for a small pod for important phone calls? Or maybe something bigger for efficient team work? Framery allows you to design your pod. It can be crafted to suit your needs in various ways from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colours and comfortable seat options. Choose your preferred decor and we’ll make it happen.

Design your pod

Working With PAL

A high table and handy bar stools makes this decor option very efficient for short-term sessions. The shape of the desk is suitable for the teamwork of two, private sessions or video conferences. Working With PAL comes with pleasant LED lighting, three power sockets and stylish coat hangers.


Sometimes you need your own space to work without distractions for longer periods of time. The electric table can be adjusted into a sitting or standing position. A handy table, adjustable LED lighting and three power sockets guarantee that your time in the booth is both pleasant and productive.

Betty’s Café

Betty chairs are comfortable for brainstorming, conversations and reading. A small table is the perfect addition for coffee mugs and small accessories. A special mood is created with LED lighting. Betty’s Café comes with three power sockets for charging phones, laptops and more.

Meeting Maggie

Meeting Maggie is suitable for meetings, brainstorming and more. The small table can be adjusted into any direction – depending on whether you need it for your coffee mug or laptop – or not. The LED lighting and three power sockets take care of your eyes and devices.


Sometimes the most productive thing to do is rest. During long, intensive workdays, NapQ comes to the rescue. The sofa set can be easily transformed from a workspace into a comfortable bed; allowing you to recharge whenever necessary. Just pull the switch to turn off the light, lean back on the soft pillows and dive underneath the warm blanket.


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