Pekka Toivola, Product Designer 2Q

So far we have introduced you to the story of our products from the viewpoint of the design process and project management of the 2Q. Here we will go even deeper to the world of product design, especially from the aspect of furniture and dimensional design.

Say hello to Pekka Toivola.

He’s Framery’s legendary furniture designer responsible for the interior furniture and dimensional design of the Framery 2Q.

You get an immediate vibe when talking with Pekka of his calm, cool and collective demeanor and style, which complements his solid and lengthy professional design background. It’s these qualities that make him a perfect fit for the 2Q project, where his passion for design and attention to detail come to the forefront.

“Thanks to a lengthy design experience, the challenges and obstacles that come along in projects like the design of the 2Q don’t panic me whatsoever,” he says. “I rest well and can leave work for the day comfortably, knowing that eventually there will be a solution to everything, no matter what.”

With his focus specifically on the furniture of the 2Q, including the two table options and its optimal measurements, Pekka keeps a keen eye on the user experience throughout, ensuring that there’s a premium feeling when using the meeting space.

“It had to be designed as optimal as possible in order to hold just the right-sized table and chairs to allow enough space to work, while also being flexible when assembling, packaging and shipping the product,” he says.

It’s worth noting that the 2Q was designed with the strictest standards in mind throughout. Why? There’s a need for it to be as flexible as possible, when considering the different needs and requirements for meeting spaces around the world.

In fact, the 2Q’s inclusive wheelchair accessibility was designed down to the most intricate and complex detail.

“Every detail of the dimensions was considered very carefully, while the strict standards of the wheelchair accessibility provided us their own challenges in the design process.”

After all, when thinking about the different needs the 2Q is created for, Pekka says it quite matter-of-factly.

“The 2Q is solving the same acoustic issues that the other Framery products are solving, but it’s just designed for a bigger group, from four to six people. It provides users the privacy and the effortlessness of holding important meetings without being disturbed by noisy offices or without disturbing not-so-noisy offices.”

The Framery 2Q is the perfect solution for the need of flexibility of work spaces, no matter what the office environment and no matter where in the world it’s set up.

It even comes with a range of customizable options. “You can easily modify the product based on your needs as well as move it around with you when needed. We make this all possible with the different furnishing options and you can choose whatever suits you and your office needs.”

Designing new products offers many ups and downs and learning experiences. Pekka emphasizes the highlights and victories that have given him feelings of happiness.

“The best feeling for me is when I see all of the drawings and plans that I’ve helped make come to life in front of me in the finished product. When all those challenges and obstacles have been solved. And when every single little detail is as it should be.”

It goes without saying that the teamwork and the accomplishments of his fellow colleagues is giving Pekka pleasure in the design process.

“We have the best group of people as well as the right kind of surroundings to make things happen.”

Making things happen. That’s just what Framery is continuing to do.