At Framery we constantly measure, optimize and change our tools and the way we work to generate happiness. Take a look of our ideas and feel free to copy them.

Forced coffee breaks

We don’t recommend people to have breaks. We force them to. We built our own coffee house with a professional barista. There people can relax, chat or even play some Playstation. This will prevent silos and many of our best ideas were born in these random collaborations.

Be a 100% meritocracy

This is a sacred thing for us. Respect and valuation comes to those who act and do in a way that deserves it. Every firm should have an open innovation platform where only the quality of the idea matters. If it’s good the idea will move forward and eventually become reality. People should also have the possibility to monitor the process of making the decision from an idea into reality in real time. This will give people the feeling of control and the power to change things. Also, it’s vital that people with the most knowhow in the subject are the ones who make the decisions.

“People value regular feedback more than a raise.”

1 on 1 whenever you want

How much do people value feedback? Well, studies tell us that people value feedback even more than a salary raise but unfortunately these feedback sessions happen usually once every 6 months. At Framery we want to give our people a chance to talk with their team leaders as often they like. Regular feedback gives motivation, guidance, and removes uncertainty. This also develops people’s skills to receive and give feedback.

Silence creates efficiency

According to academics, people who work in open offices feel usually less motivated, are less satisfied and less productive. Main reason is constant noise and interruptions. There are many ways to remove noise. Framery’s pods are a great way to organize a silent space but there are plenty of others. Years ago, we developed a physical noise button at our office. If somebody pushes it, an automated email will be sent to all of the people at the office with two words: shut up. Unfortunately, the button broke down one day because it was hit too hard (it was a very loud day).

Absolutely no bureaucracy

Nothing kills motivation faster than strict rules that everybody follows but no-one truly understands. Stupid rules also nibble away at the culture of the company. Here at Framery we have a special checklist for rules:

  • Rules can’t be complicated: the simpler the better
  • Rules need to apply to everyone
  • Every Framerian needs to understand what the rules are for
  • Respect the rules, but most importantly: respect the other people

And the most important one. If we are creating a new rule we ask ourselves: will the new rule generate happiness to our people, to our customers and to our company? If not, it’s not a good rule.