A radical transparency

One of the key things for a happy company is transparency. We wanted to go further and developed a culture of radical transparency. The idea is simple: our organization is truly flat – no strong hierarchy, no unnecessary middle management nor hidden secret processes. All the information can be found in Framery’s internal wiki page.

One of the other biggest reasons workers feel unhappy is unfair decision making

Fair decisions, happier people

One of the other biggest reasons workers feel unhappy is unfair decision making – decisions are happening somewhere on a managerial level and the employees are forced to adjust. We wanted to create a concrete tool that makes decision making smarter and without time or place constraints. And thus Framery’s Decision App was born. It makes decision making 100% transparent and truly engaging. Everybody can follow almost every decision linked to Framery. Employees can also see the arguments about why that decision was made. Also if they have a good idea and it makes Framery happier, the idea will be go forward.

Happy Or Not Index™

We measure the happiness of our people every work day of the year. Each day they answer the question: how was your day. Based on these answers we get a special Happy Or Not index. Will the index decrease unhappiness? No, but it will make it visible.

The happiness insurance

We have the world’s first happiness insurance. It works in a simple way: if somebody feels that something at work strongly decreases their general happiness, we do everything we can to fix it during the next months. If we don’t succeed the person will receive 5000 euros.

240 people insured.

0happiness insurances paid.