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Meet the Framerians

Building the Framery team within a rapidly growing company is exciting and teaches us a lot about both the company and ourselves. Our intention is to strive to be the best in what we do, which includes being curious about our market. Being explorative also means not being afraid of making mistakes.

Working at Framery is about much more than just having a job – it is truly about constantly learning new things with passionate and supportive people.

Interested? Go ahead and explore some Framerian career stories!

Career stories

What makes us Framery?

A Finnish success story

Framery is a one-of-a-kind growth company, an innovative leader in the soundproof pod industry and today, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Over the years the company has won numerous design, innovation and growth awards both domestically and globally and the success story continues with the next generation of phone booths, transforming Framery toward being a tech company.

Unique culture

The brightest minds in the industry inspire us to achieve great things and constantly beat the odds. We operate on high performance frequency which, for us, means living up to our values and creating the Framery story together. Each Framerian builds and shapes our culture everyday by the choices and decisions they make.

Curiosity and ambition

Framerians are not afraid of taking responsibility and trying new things. We wouldn’t be as successful without passionate teamwork and shared ambitious targets.

Pioneer in the industry

It all started with Framery. Framery has created the market and set the standards of the pod and phone booth industry. We set the bar high in everything we do, as well as in every detail of our products to ensure it contributes to our customer’s happiness, from usability and acoustics to aesthetics and sustainability.

What to expect when you join Framery?

Fast-paced environment

Growing quickly means a lot of interesting challenges, and occasionally making some mistakes, as our targets and goals are often related to something that we have never done before. At Framery, a high performance atmosphere and world-class execution go hand in hand. By experiencing this fast-paced growth from the inside, you will gain extremely valuable experience, lessons and a set of new skills.

Freedom and responsibility

We trust that every Framerian knows how they work at their best, and everyone is given full responsibility for their own tasks. We believe that being trusted promotes productivity and drive, and people need context instead of control.

Work-life balance

At Framery, we believe that balance is a condition for happiness. Employee wellbeing results in high performance, and by taking care of work-life balance, our employees are happier and healthier, resulting in greater success and growth at both an individual and company level.

Personal growth

Working at Framery means that you will learn new things at a blazing speed. There’s always room for growth, and we foster a culture that supports Framerians’ ambitions to develop, both professionally and personally.

Our recruitment process

For us, recruitment is not a one-way selection process; instead, we want to find people who also want to be part of building the Framery story. We want to find enthusiastic and passionate new colleagues who wish to develop themselves and Framery with us.

Application stage

Send us an online application for an open position – or tell us via an open application what your dream job would be and what you would like to do if there were no limits.

Meeting stage

The type of role you are applying for determines how many interview rounds we may conduct before the final selection is made. You will meet the hiring team leader and a representative of the People & Culture team, but also your possible future team members and other stakeholders at Framery. We will discuss your motivation, skills and current situation, and you will have a chance to really get to know us as well. Via this process we want to make sure that you get as a clear picture as possible about the job, our culture, people and the company itself.


Our onboarding process contains several stages, which will make sure you are smoothly and thoroughly integrated into Framery, our way of working and culture. Your team, along with your team leader will guide you through your actual work, but in addition, there will be several concrete steps taken, to become a true Framerian.