After four years we met again at the ORGATEC trade fair, the biggest and most anticipated trade fair hosted biannually in Cologne.

Visionary concepts were displayed at ORGATEC. The impact of the pandemic and the digital transformation have further accelerated the unshackling of work from fixed places and times. Tomorrow’s office can be anywhere … even in our heads. The future belongs to flexible knowledge workers who work creatively and independently – and it belongs to a work culture that is based more so than ever before on cooperation, motivation and trust in the spirit of partnership.

Our whole product family was on display at the stand with all the latest enhancements – such as Framery One with the new video conference light, Framery Q & 2Q with Logitech meeting setups, as well as new digital features of Framery Connect and Digital services.

Read the final report of ORGATEC. 

And finally, what would be a Framery event without fun experiences? After over two years break, we hosted Club Framery for a full house. As usual, it was a big night of bubbling entertainment and party people were dazzled in a way that only Framery can.