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How Soundproof Pods Benefit the Office

Soundproof pods have revolutionized the modern office environment. Here are six unexpected ways soundproof pods benefit the office.

Office pods have changed the way people work around the world. We introduced the world’s first office pod in 2010. And just over a decade later, there are over 200 manufacturers of office pods globally. 

That’s because a quality office pod isn’t just soundproof – it’s an adaptable tool that can transform the office. 

The many benefits of office pods

Soundproof pods have revolutionized the modern office environment. Their impact extends far beyond noise reduction – they offer unexpected benefits that truly transform the workplace. 

Here are six unexpected ways soundproof pods benefit the office.

1 | Office pods lead to productivity & success

Open offices are great for socializing and connecting at work. But they bring many challenges as well. So much so, that 57% of workers agree that access to privacy is the best office perk. 

With over half of the workforce struggling to concentrate in open-plan offices, soundproof pods offer strained workers many benefits, including noise cancellation and guaranteed privacy. 

Soundproof Framery pod providing a quiet space for meeting between two people in an open-plan office.

2 | Office pods improve well-being

Employee stress is increasing around the world. But office pods have become a space for resting and recharging, and provide much needed solitude at the office. As a result, Framery pods can help employees reduce stress. 

In fact, studies show that up to 41% of office workers report feeling more energized and relaxed after spending time in a pod. And because employee well-being is key to productivity, office pods play an important role in an engaged and productive workforce.

3 | Office pods bring people back to the office

To reinvigorate the workplace, company leaders and property executives must listen to what people genuinely desire in their work environment. Companies everywhere are struggling to compete with the convenience of home offices. Working from home offers flexibility, comfort, and a distraction-free environment to focus. 

But office pods provide the same benefits when working from home is not an option. And having a haven for productivity can entice employees back to the office.

People using Framery One soundproof office pod in open-plan office

4 |  Office pods improve office functionality 

The office is meant to accommodate and support work. And advanced soundproof pods are helping offices adapt and react to how people behave. Framery Connect provides pod usage analytics that helps facility managers tailor the office environment based on employee behavior.

As a result, offices are now fostering more effective environments for employees based on how they actually behave throughout the workday. Over 1,900 companies, including LinkedIn, Puma, and H&M, have embraced this service, gaining invaluable insights into work behaviors and optimizing their workplaces accordingly.

5 |  Office pods attract talent

The most desired feature for increasing office visits is the availability of focus spaces.  These types of amenities surpass trendy attractions like game rooms when potential employees are choosing a place to work. 

Providing office pods is an announcement that a business cares about their employees, and understands their needs. And in many cases, it can be a deciding factor for people when choosing between competing companies.

People having a meeting in a Framery soundproof pod while another person is having a break next to it.

6 | Office pods are a great investment

Investing in office pods is often more cost-effective than constructing traditional office rooms. A recent study conducted by Framery in collaboration with CBRE, a global leader in commercial real estate and investment, revealed that the cost of building meeting rooms surpasses that of pods by a staggering 55%.

Soundproof pods are more versatile, as they require less space, minimizing the square footage needed for private work areas. This allows businesses to adapt and optimize their workspace for employee needs and changing work behaviors.

Your office will benefit from soundproof pods

As businesses continue to evolve, office pods prove to be essential tools in creating productive, engaging, and dynamic workspaces.

From boosting productivity and employee well-being to drawing people back to the office, these adaptable pods are invaluable assets. They enhance office functionality by providing insights into employee behavior, enabling tailored workspace solutions. 

By integrating Framery pods, companies can navigate the changing landscape of work and ensure their employees thrive in the modern office environment.

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