Framery 2Q soundproof meeting pod in Huddle variation

Leading sound insulation

We’ve taken impressive precautions to reduce speech levels that could be overheard outside the pod. This means you never have to worry about meetings or private conversations being overheard, or disturbing your co-workers, even if the pods are placed near open-plan desks.

It’s handsome – inside and out

Our design team have created a range of exterior and interior colors and other addible accessories, so you can adapt the meeting pod’s style to suit your interior and company colors, while sustainable, high-quality materials guarantee an exceptional user experience.

Fresh air feeds happiness

Patented innovations make Framery soundproof pods a happy place to be and meet. Thanks to impressive and adjustable ventilation, you can enjoy optimal air quality inside the pod. Inside it’s always quiet and the air stays fresh.

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Framery 2Q meeting pod at Wavanesa Insurance

“The most surprising thing was how versatile they are. Framery office pods can be used for meeting space, hang out space, private space…and they’re soundproof, which is a huge plus!”

Kevin Peers, Supervisor of Office Services at Wawanesa Insurance Canada

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Perfect for you

How do you work best? Choose the interior layout for the meeting pod that best suits your needs.

Framery 2Q soundproof meeting pod with people working together

Huddle up for your next team meeting!

The Framery 2Q Huddle is an ideal setup for your meetings, whether everyone attending is present or some are joining remotely. Gather your team of four around a spacious table where everyone fits comfortably, laptops included! The spacious meeting pod allows you to bring in two extra chairs and everyone to move around freely. Optimize your meetings with a screen bracket and whiteboard set on the opposite wall to ensure that everyone present, physically or virtually, shares the same vision.

Framery 2Q soundproof meeting pod at the Framery factory

Get together in comfort

Gather your team around the table for a Monday morning meeting or Tuesday afternoon brainstorming session. A meeting table with two different height options makes this interior layout optimal for laptop use or some creative collaboration. Want to dim the lighting or adjust the airflow? You can control the meeting pod’s settings from its clever control panel, located on the power column. Additional options include a display bracket or a whiteboard.

Framery 2Q Lounge meeting pod

Living room in your office

The 2Q Lounge interior layout provides a more casual environment for company meetings, a calm space to retreat to during the workday, or an area for socialization. Custom-designed Clint Sofa, large whiteboard, free-standing Piaggio table and a wall shelf make up for a functional yet relaxed setting. The adjustable airflow and lighting create a happy atmosphere to work in. Additional options include, for example, a display bracket on the wall for a TV or a booking system ready option for the door for reserving the pod.

People entering Framery 2Q meeting pod

Happily, you can design it anyway you like

Looking for a small office phone booth for important phone calls? Or maybe a bigger meeting pod for team working and co-creating? Framery allows you to design yours to suit your needs from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colors and flexible interior options. Choose what you like, and we’ll make it happen.

Design your own

Tech Specs


222 cm x 235 cm x 280 cm (h, w, d)
87.3 in x 92.5 in x 110.4 in (h, w, d)


950 kg / 2094 lb (without furniture)

Air flow

121 l/s


29 dB (Speech Privacy Level according to ISO-23351-1 testing method)

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