Framery O office pods in open office environment

Modern office furniture transforms the workplace

Improve performance, productivity, and well-being with Framery’s modern office furniture. Read how furniture can revolutionize the workplace!

When open offices, video conferencing, and hybrid work have become a part and parcel of many modern workplaces, how the office is designed and furnished has become all the more important. Not only does a well-working office space make workers more satisfied and productive, it also improves their well-being, both physically and mentally. But what exactly makes an office “modern” and what to consider when designing and furnishing one?

What is modern office furniture?

Modern office furniture refers to innovative solutions that make everyday work easier. It serves employees with numerous benefits and matches the design and style of the office seamlessly. This creates a working environment that office workers are happy to return to. Whether it’s lighting, choice of materials, or placement of workstations, modern office furniture helps to make every workday a good one.

The award-winning Framery office pods are at the forefront of changing modern office furniture. Their journey from the drawing board to a finished product reflects countless hours of comprehensive research and innovative product development. This results in high-quality products designed to fulfill the wants and needs of people who use them while offering even more than they wished for. The furniture of a modern workplace meets current market trends, while futureproofing the office space for years to come. 

Today’s modern offices need to be carefully planned and implemented. Key attributes to focus on when designing and furnishing a modern workplace include shapes, sizes, colors, heights, and weights as well as lighting, ergonomics, sound insulation, and ventilation. Modernity is not built solely on products or decor. It is a comprehensive solution for the whole office. 

What are the benefits of modern office furniture?

Traditionally, working in an office environment involves a lot of sitting. With modern office furniture, the workplace transforms into a versatile office area supporting improved ergonomics. Physical well-being and employee satisfaction are strongly connected, so designing the office with workers in mind matters. 

Modern office furniture consists of smart solutions that offer benefits that traditional office equipment fails to meet. These solutions improve performance, effectiveness, and productivity while allowing employees to tailor the way of working to fit their needs and preferences.

For example, suitable materials and color coordination can positively contribute to calmness, creativity, concentration, happiness, and well-being at the office. All Framery’s office furniture is seamlessly integrated with the same color palette and carefully selected to improve performance and enjoyment. 

All work and no play from 9 to 5 without the ability to cool down, have a break, or huddle with colleagues hinders productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction. The right kind of furniture can help divide the office into separate zones that enable different kinds of work, relaxation, and collaboration. 

  • The modern office environment is filled with noise, chatter, and distractions. The right choice and placement of furniture can stop these from negatively affecting employees’ work and well-being.
  • A well-planned office enables people to choose how and where to work, depending on their preferences and the task at hand.
  • By dividing the office into zones, you can facilitate collaboration between colleagues, aid recovery during the workday, and help employees achieve a state of flow in their work.

Placement of office furniture

The placement of office furniture is vital for achieving its benefits to the fullest. Start by taking into account the varying needs of your employees. Consider different areas of the entire workspace and think about what kind of specific requirements they have. 

Where are the focus areas? Where do people like to perform collaborative tasks? What about the more relaxed lounge area? Office buildings and spaces come in many shapes and sizes, so a cookie-cutter solution doesn’t fit them all. Appropriate modern office furniture offers all workers an equal opportunity to excel at their work. 

The work culture and the natural flow of work influence the design and placing of furniture. For example, human resource-oriented work sets different standards for furniture than administrative tasks do. Varying demands of ad hoc conversations and fluctuating noise levels at the office also set limitations to furnishing and its functional solutions. 

Framery Q office pod in open office environment

Framery Q office pod in UMA Solna Strand office, Sweden.

More than just furniture

Framery’s modern office solutions are not just furniture. We provide users with a holistic experience, setting new standards for the entire industry. With extraordinary features supporting the whole spectrum of well-being, Framery pods are a necessity in a modern office. 

Behind modern and functional office solutions are happy and successful workdays throughout the whole organization. Comprehensive research is Framery’s base for successful and futureproof offices. Offering ventilation, touchpads and an advanced digital ecosystem with the latest technology, such as automatic lighting, Framery office pods transfers your office into an economically and environmentally friendly working environment.

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