Framery Q meeting pod as a part of a modern, modular office.

Modular Office Design is a Flexible Alternative to Office Renovations

A modular office is futureproofed for the changing demands of employees. Read why modular office design is a flexible and cost-effective solution.

One of the challenges of running an office is anticipating and responding to changes in the needs of the company and its employees. With more people wanting to work flexibly from home, the office space must adapt. Traditionally, changes to the office and its functions have required heavy and often expensive renovations. What if the office space could adapt to changes with a modular approach instead?

What is a modular office?

When constructing a modular office, much of the work is done off-site, outside the office building. Unlike an office space where everything is fixed in place, a modular office is constructed using modular components pre-built in a factory. The modules are movable and are only assembled at their final destination. 

A modular office does not need to consist of separate meeting rooms. Instead, individual modules can be combined to create an office environment that fits the needs of the company and its employees. This type of modular approach is an alternative solution to the usual way of constructing office spaces by setting up or taking down walls, for instance. 

Unlike the usual approach to office design, a modular office is faster and more efficient to construct on-site when the modules are designed and put together in advance. The modules enable more flexible customization of the office layout depending on the company’s needs and requirements, such as the number of personnel and the type of work that takes place in the office. When the needs change, a modular office is much easier to reorganize thanks to its movable modules.

Modularity futureproofs the office for changes

Thanks to a modular design, an office is better adaptable to changes in personnel or other changes in the company’s needs. Therefore, modularity can be a more cost-effective way to design an office. Office renovations are expensive projects, and redoing the office layout is difficult with more permanent constructions in place. A modular office, however, enables temporary solutions that can be relocated inside the office building if needed.

Framery office pods are the perfect solution for the needs of a growing and ever-changing office environment. The soundproof office pods and meeting rooms offer companies and their employees the best of a modular office design. Thanks to the pods’ industry-leading soundproofing, they can be located exactly where they are most needed, even in the midst of otherwise noisy areas.

Framery’s modular office solutions can be utilized to create customized areas for different purposes and needs. Smaller soundproof office pods, like the Framery One, are perfect for private video meetings and phone calls or work where no external distractions are allowed. Larger meeting rooms, such as the Framery 2Q, accommodate up to six people. With the optimal video conferencing setup, the pods allow involving remote participants as well. The interior and exterior design can be tailored to suit your office’s look and feel so they fit in naturally with the rest of the office.

A modular office is a flexible one

Flexibility and customization are among the two main benefits of a modular office design. In certain markets, offices can access modular office pods with Framery Subscribed, our model of circular economy

Instead of purchasing them, the pods can be used with a monthly subscription, including a lifetime guarantee and on-demand maintenance. If your office moves, no worries! The pods can be relocated to your new office by Framery. Check the availability of Framery Subscribed in your region online.

Their modular design allows Framery pods to be refurbished after serving their previous owner. Instead of scrapping the entire pod, only parts that need to be replaced or updated with new features can be changed or repaired before the pod is once again ready to be used. This way, a single pod has a long life cycle serving multiple customers, making them more sustainable and promoting circularity.

The pods are constructed on-site where they will be used and can be located exactly where people need them the most. When needed, the pods can be relocated to make room for changes in the office layout.

Framery O office phone booth within a modular office environment.

Save in costs with modular design

Office renovations are costly, as anyone involved in a large office revamp project can tell you. Instead of making expensive changes to an office, companies can save costs by adopting a more modular approach. 

A recent study by Framery and CBRE found that office pods are more cost-effective than constructing new meeting rooms. In fact, companies can save 55% in expenses with a Framery office pod instead of constructing a new meeting room. By the year 2030, these savings could add up to over $30 billion in the USA alone. 

The environmental impact of choosing office pods over renovations is also significantly smaller, making the pods a more sustainable option. True to the principles of modular design, a Framery pod is also more flexible than constructed meeting rooms that cannot be relocated when needed.
Find Framery office pods and meeting rooms for your needs and futureproof your office!