Framery O puhelinkoppi toimistoon

Framery O

Ideal for one – awkward for two
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Framery Q office pod

Framery Q

Two is company, four is a party – everyone fits
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Framery 2Q, meeting pod for 4-6 people

Framery 2Q

Not only a pod, but a full-sized meeting room
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Work in an open office? You need our office pods.

Over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices Source: University of Sydney
It takes 20 min to regain your focus after a small distraction Source: University of California
You are 15% less productive working in an open-plan office Source: BBC Capital
People meeting in a Framery office pod

It’s not just a pod. It’s a way to transform workplace culture.

As soon as Framery pods arrive in your open office the whole workplace culture will begin to transform. People love using them for calls and meetings as well as for quiet working. So as noise and distractions reduce, people become happier and more productive.

Framery’s flexible office pods are a great answer to today’s needs, because meeting culture has changed – 80% of meetings today are between four people or less.

Successful companies understand happiness

Many of the world’s leading companies are using our office pods to make their people happier. And save time, space and money. See how they look in action.

Anna Hemmi, Nursing Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Tampere University Hospital

“I believe that the pods have helped us to protect the privacy of our employees as well as the families’. It is easy to pop into the pod and have a confidential conversation about a family’s situation and needs. No reservation needed”

Annie Wu, Sr. Director of Engagement & Culture Postmates

“We have noted employees have been using the pods to offset environmental fatigue, as we have an open office layout, and so the booths have become a safe haven for focused work!”

Pascal Schaary, Business Operations Datadog

“Framery pods have made our office 75% a happier workplace, because having to find a room, or deal with loud background noise, or sensitive data leakage concerns frustrates employees and makes them unhappy and hence unproductive.”

Nina Breuer, Associate Director Colliers

“Framery has increased our workplace satisfaction significantly by decreasing the noise in our open plan office. All my colleagues here at Colliers Frankfurt love the Framery pods simply because they work so well.”

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