Framery office pods provide a quiet space for working and private conversations, which do not disturb co-workers with excess noise.

Can You Soundproof an Office Cubicle?

Are soundproof pods and booths the cubicles of a modern office? Here’s how office pods beat cubicles in soundproofing.

Although office cubicles and dividers feel like a relic from the open offices of the ’90s, they are still widely used in today’s office environments. But how well do cubicles provide privacy and quiet? Despite promising effective soundproofing, cubicles and acoustic panels fall short of reducing unwanted background noise that can harm productivity and well-being. Employees need more comprehensive soundproofing than simple office cubicles to focus without distractions, especially in an open office environment.

Do office cubicle walls reduce noise?

Office cubicles can reduce some external sounds, such as phone calls, distant chatter, and clicking keyboards. However, as long as those sounds are audible, they can distract from focus-intensive office work.

Some common advice to make office cubicles more soundproof includes using additional sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic panels, making the cubicle walls higher, and opting for thicker and heavier cubicles. Others recommend using noise-canceling headphones and devices that create white noise to drown out distracting sounds. Perhaps one of the least helpful pieces of advice is just working from home instead of coming to the office. All of these avoid the biggest issue that office cubicles are not soundproof. 

While an office cubicle can reduce unwanted noise, the level of sound reduction is not nearly enough to call the cubicle soundproof. Despite the best efforts to create a soundproof cubicle, the source of noise persists and is audible enough to distract the worker inside their cubicle.

Framery office pods are proven to outmatch other office pods on the market when their soundproofing abilities are put to the test. With a speech level reduction of 30.3 dB, the Framery O had the highest level of performance of all the tested pods in a study by Turku University of Applied Sciences. With a level of speech reduction above 30dB, the pod can be used even in noisy environments where everyday office sounds could otherwise be too distracting.

Framery office pod in an office, surrounded by soundproof cubicles.

Office pods are the modern soundproof cubicle

Instead of soundproofing a semi-closed cubicle, offices can turn to better alternatives to reduce unwanted sound and create a more peaceful office environment. Unlike cubicles that remain open on one or more sides, a soundproof office pod effectively removes distracting office noise. Office pods and booths provide more privacy than simple cubicles, yet they do not make you feel cramped or claustrophobic, thanks to the office pod’s transparent glass walls and adjustable lighting.

A high-quality office pod must provide superior soundproofing while having exceptional acoustics inside the pod. Both are achieved with the right combination of materials that absorb (acoustic foam, fabrics) and reflect (glass, steel) sound waves. With the right materials, the pod does not let outside noise in while keeping sound inside the pod.

Modern soundproof cubicles are more than just dividers between individual workstations. Instead, they can reduce noise effectively and enable focused work even amidst a noisy office. Here are some of the differences between a cubicle and a soundproof office pod:

CubiclesOffice Pods
Some privacyHigh privacy
For one personLarge enough for one person and small teams
Little soundproofingEffective soundproofing
Dated and simple designModern and customizable design
Reduces ambient noiseFully soundproof
Designed for working aloneAllows collaboration
Allows sound to escapeKeeps sound inside the pod

Office pods and booths are also more flexible and cost-effective alternatives to expensive office renovation projects where new rooms and meeting spaces are created with fixed walls. Instead of changing the office layout altogether, consider using modular and portable office pods. When the needs of the office change, you can reorganize the pods and move them to a new location. 

What are the effects of office background noise?

Many offices try to combat office noise with cubicle walls, acoustic panels, and furniture that absorb sound, and for a good reason. Too much noise in the office reduces productivity and negatively affects workers’ well-being. Unwanted sounds are particularly effective at creating distractions, after which it can take even 20 minutes to regain focus. Distractions are particularly harmful by preventing workers from entering the flow where creativity flourishes and people are most productive.

You can reduce the harmful effects of office noise with smart office design. That’s where Framery comes in. Framery’s soundproof office pods effectively reduce office noise and allow employees to work and have meetings privately without distractions. Equip your office with enough soundproof office pods and booths of different sizes to cater to the needs of both individual employees and small teams.
The Framery One and Framery O pods provide privacy and industry-leading soundproofing for a single person, making them great for video meetings, phone calls, and focus-intensive work. The Framery Q and Framery 2Q office pods have enough room for small teams of up to six people. Choose the optimal videoconferencing setup for successful hybrid meetings. With a modern, sleek, and customizable design, the pods fit right into your office.