A man inside Framery Q, people chatting outside the pod in the office.

The Struggle to Stay Engaged at the Office

As the world becomes more distracting, people are seeking solutions to help them stay engaged at the office.

With so many distractions in the open office, it is more difficult than ever to stay engaged at work.
As the world becomes more and more populated with distractions and disruptions, people are constantly seeking solutions for focused work.

While some companies across the world transition back to the office, others continue to remain settled in their home offices. But regardless of the differing situations, distractions are here to stay.

Struggling to Stay Engaged is Common

Distractions are everywhere in the office. Though the type of disruption might change, having a plan in place to ensure productivity is the key to helping you stay engaged.

Productivity is not about the quantity of time you put into something – but the quality of uninterrupted focused work spent during that time. Studies show that focusing on the same task for over an hour proves challenging for a majority of individuals.

Framery pods increase employee performance – leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and success.

Framery Makes It Easier to Stay Engaged at the Office

With Framery’s soundproof pods & meeting spaces, employees have a place to concentrate or collaborate without disturbing their colleagues. Obstacles, such as noise and lack of privacy, can hinder an employee’s ability to reach their full potential at work.

And because Framery pods offer a place for focused work, employee productivity grows throughout the day — leading to greater ROI for organizations.

By removing and addressing those obstacles, Framery pods increase an employee’s performance – leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and success. The pod can be placed anywhere within the office and those sitting nearby will not be disturbed by discussions being held inside the pod.

Office view. A woman working in Framery Q office pod, a woman and a dog sitting outside the pod.
Framery pods offer you that peace and quiet during the day.

How Can You Stay Engaged at Work?

For those of you who already have a pod in your office, it’s likely you’re missing that quiet getaway right about now.

To accommodate for this, we put together a list of pointers on ways to remain focused at home:

  • Set Time Limits For Yourself
    Block out periods of focused work, collaborative brainstorms, or space away from your computer. The
     pomodoro technique is a popular time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. 
  • Create New Routines
    Establishing new routines can help regulate your schedule, and make it easier to stay engaged. Change up when you go for lunch, how often you take a break, and consider adding exercise to your workday through an app like Cuckoo
  • Change Your Environment
    Change up your surroundings from time-to-time during the workday. The change in environment can provide much-needed stimulation that you don’t get when you work in the same location every hour of every day.
A woman taking a coffee break in the kitchen next to Framery O office phone booth
Taking breaks and getting cozy is important for managing workload.

Better Work is Around the Corner

Yes – there are distractions everywhere. So take the time to set yourself up for success when working – whether you’re at home or at the office. It might take some adjustment, but you can achieve the kind of focused work and output that will leave you feeling accomplished – so you can enjoy your day when the work hours end.

With a little patience and preparation, you will find your own formula for effective, focused work.

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