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The Carbon Handprint of Framery Smart Pods

We commissioned a carbon handprint study which revealed that our pods have a lower carbon footprint compared to constructed meeting rooms over a 20-year lifespan.

The Environmental Impact of Framery Pods

We are committed to crafting innovative products that enhance productivity – and minimize our ecological impact. Our search for deeper insights about the environmental impact of our pods combines traditional research methods with new, innovative approaches that create a forecast of the future.

Our 2023 Sustainability Report includes a carbon handprint study we commissioned in order to determine the impact of our products compared to conventional meeting spaces, considering factors like lifespan, office relocation, and room renovations.

The research revealed that our pods have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to constructed meeting rooms over a 20-year lifespan – underscoring the positive environmental impact of our smart pods. The study was conducted by UseLess Company in February 2024 – and was built upon a previous cost analysis conducted by CBRE.

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The 2024 Carbon Handprint Study

We have put extra efforts into generating a positive carbon handprint by offering products and services that reduce the environmental impact that results from our manufacturing processes.

In contrast to the carbon footprint, which quantifies the negative impact on the environment, the carbon handprint denotes the positive contribution toward reducing emissions.

A carbon handprint is a representation of the positive environmental impact generated by a company’s products or services. Decisions throughout the design and development process impact how a company can reduce carbon emissions elsewhere. 

Key Takeaways

The UseLess study compared the environmental impact of Framery One Compact, Framery Four, and Framery Six smart pods against an existing office setup in Helsinki, Finland. 

  • Framery pods help reduce the environmental impact of office construction and renovation
  • Framery pods have a 30% lower carbon footprint on average over a 20-year lifetime
  • Framery pods offer more environmental value than built rooms thanks to their modularity, the availability of replacement parts, and ease of relocation

Framery One Compact vs 4m² Built Phone Room 

  • 42% fewer relative emissions
  • 861 kg carbon handprint over 20 years

Framery Four vs 9m² Built Meeting Room

  • 29% fewer relative emissions
  • 1,033 kg carbon handprint over 20 years

Framery Six vs 21m² Built Meeting Room

  • 20% fewer relative emissions
  • 1,096 kg carbon handprint over 20 years

About the study

The February 2024 study was conducted in collaboration with UseLess Company to fully explore the sustainability of our pods. This study used ISO standards and previous research to quantify the carbon handprint – the reduction of carbon footprints – achieved by utilizing our products.

The study considered the materials needed for the construction of both alternatives, a 20-year life cycle (including two office renovations and one office move), and end-of-life waste management.

Utilizing the handprint method and adhering to ISO 14067, 14044, and 14040 standards, our study compared the carbon footprints of Framery pods to traditional built meeting rooms. The study compared our products to a baseline that best represents the conditions most likely to occur in the absence of the offered solution.

Here for the future

Our commitment to sustainability pushes our quest for innovative solutions that not only enhance productivity but also minimize our ecological impact.

Framery 2023 Sustainability Report on a laptop screen.

Download the 2023 Framery Sustainability Report

These reports help us uncover and explore the environmental impact of our products. Reducing the carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle is just one of the ways we are working to improve the impact we make on the world. 

We are dedicated to leading the charge towards sustainability in the workplace by creating innovative solutions to help our pods contribute positively to the environment for generations to come. And by continuing to build high quality, sustainably-engineered products that get used often – last a long time.

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