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Experiencing Framery through trainees’ eyes

Framery summer 2022 trainees in a group photo in front of Framery's factory.

Our intention at Framery is to strive to be the best in what we do. We believe that anyone can thrive, develop, and be innovative when given a chance and a supportive environment. Rapid growth means lots of interesting challenges, and we aim to hire passionate and motivated employees to our teams to rise above them. We interviewed our motivated and passionate trainees from 2022 about their thoughts on working at Framery and now, we want to share their experiences.

Why Framery?

What made Henri apply for Digital Marketing Trainee position was the Framery culture explained in the job description. “Framerians were described as ambitious, curious, and courageous which resonated with me. In addition, promises about a steep learning curve sounded exactly what I was looking for.” Anette was looking for logistics positions where she could learn and develop her skills. The reason for applying to Framery was the same as for Henri: Framery culture. “After looking through Framery’s website I was convinced this would be a great place to work with challenging tasks, great people, and an amazing culture.”

“I applied because I wanted to see how a rapidly growing company works, but the famous working culture was one reason, too.”

Framery's 2022 summer trainees in Framery's showroom at it's headquarters.

What is the Framerian culture all about?

According to the survey, the most influential reason to apply to Framery was because of its extraordinary culture. Framerians are one of a kind and their reputation has travelled far and wide. Annika was hired to the Partner Support team. “When I started to look into the company, I got so excited about how modern and fun it all sounded like, and to be honest, I’m still as excited to be here as I was then about the thought of working here.” Annika is pleased to work for a company where one can influence their own work. “In my eyes being a Framerian is about having the freedom to work in a way that best suits me! It also means lots of fun with colleagues and, a great atmosphere coupled with freedom and responsibility,” Annika says.

Joonas worked in Framery Production for a year before joining the Global Logistics team as a trainee. ”Everyone is equal here. During coffee breaks, it is okay to take a seat at any table and engage in a conversation. Framerians are very helpful and everybody wants to contribute to the common good.”  At Framery, we strive to provide everyone, also trainees, context rather than control. Mikaeli from R&D team noticed that he got a lot of freedom and responsibility: “I feel like I’m part of the team like everyone else. I can always ask for help and Framerians are more than happy to help,” he says.

In my opinion Framerian culture is summarised in one word, caring. At Framery we care about our jobs, our customers, and our colleagues. Caring is shown in a way that everyone wants to do their job well and figure out ways to make processes better.

Framery's 2022 summer trainees in a group photo at Framery's headquarters' cafeteria area.

What’s next?

The majority of the trainees continue working for Framery after the traineeship ends. Matias worked as an IT Developer trainee and will continue working for Framery. “From September, I will continue as an Integration Developer at Framery. The future looks bright and I am really excited about it.” Many of the trainees are still studying and will return to their studies after their traineeship. “After the summer I will go back to school to finish my last courses. Hopefully, in January I will return to Framery to start my master’s thesis. In any case, this summer has given me a really good foundation to continue developing my career,” concludes Veli from R&D team.