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Have you ever thought about what makes for a good trainee program? We have. At Framery, we believe that given the chance and a supporting environment, anyone can develop, be innovative and thrive. As a fast-growing company, we aim to hire passionate and motivated employees to our teams, such as our talented 2020 trainees. Let us share some of their experiences at Framery.

Why Framery?

Applying to Framery, the third time was the charm for Selma. She finally saw an opening for a Marketing Trainee position. “I kept saying to my friends that my dream job would be at Framery but couldn’t explain why. It was a hunch that this company supports my values and would enable me to learn and grow in marketing.” For Sebastian, the reason to apply was to challenge himself as a Customer Operations Coordinator. “Due to its unique international environment, Framery offers me something only a few companies in Finland can,” he says. Unlike other trainees, Otto had already worked twice as a trainee in production at Framery when securing his third trainee period as a Business Planning & Analytics Trainee. He wanted to focus more on his own field and got the chance to broaden the skills he had learned from academic studies and previous trainee periods.

“Due to its unique international environment, Framery offers me something only a few companies can in Finland.”

What is the Framerian culture all about?

Most people have heard of Framery due to its extraordinary culture. Framerians are truly one of a kind people and share a community in which everyone works towards one goal – happier workplaces and people. Sara was hired together with Selma to help the Marketing Team and was pleased to discover that Framery is an environment in which she can thrive in. “I think our values are the core of our culture. There is no BS at Framery – just real people, hard work, talent and possibilities,” she explains. From the start of the recruitment each employee is given full trust. That’s right, it’s ok to explore, fail and try again – no micromanaging needed (or wanted). Selma agrees with Sara, adding “The beautiful thing is, people make you feel like you’ve known each other for a long time and offer their unlimited help. It might seem like a small thing but trust me – this isn’t the case in every company.”

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“Transparency is also a characteristic of Framery’s culture and can be seen in our communication. We have Wednesday coffee breaks every week with the entire company to celebrate victories, inform the staff, and also introduce new employees to give them a cheerful welcome. Our organization’s structure is missing all the unnecessary hierarchy and stiffness that is harmful for transparency,” Otto explains. “Coming to Framery is like moving from a workplace to a community”, Sebastian describes. “Framery doesn’t bargain for quality or talent – the company spirit is similar to that of student societies or a group of friends. Framery invests in the wellbeing of its employees and more importantly, trusts them,” he continues.

Our trainees don’t make coffee (unless they are really passionate about their cappuccinos). They are equal and valued co-workers, encouraged to share new perspectives and fresh ideas. Annika was one of Framery’s talented trainees in product development with a background in intelligent machines and construction architecture. Asking her about her trainee experience, she happily says: “I have been trusted to define my own projects and ways of working. My job description has been wide and versatile, allowing me to utilize and combine my knowledge in various fields and also to advance my skills.”

“I’ve been given so much responsibility and freedom – I feel my vision is trusted. I’m usually given an objective, not a list of things to do.”

Curiosity and a person’s own interests are truly taken into consideration. “When I started, I helped organize the Stockholm Furniture Fair and was given the opportunity to go on site with Selma – that was rewarding,” Sara elaborates. “Funny enough, we are quite the opposite of each other when it comes to tasks that we like to do. Sara being creative with words and me being fascinated about the analytical and technical side of marketing. Luckily, this has allowed us to divide tasks according to our strengths,” Selma adds.

Much to many people’s surprise, Framery trainees can also be supervisors. We want to offer opportunities in all positions, yet give time to adjust to them and the responsibility that comes along. Jonna started as a Production Supervisor Trainee and worked as a substitute for supervisors in several departments. “I’ve been given so much responsibility and freedom – I feel my vision is trusted. I’m usually given an objective, not a list of things to do,” she says.

Framery Trainees

All good things come to an end.. or do they?

Once people become part of Framery’s story, there is a chance they never want to leave. Many trainees continue working or transfer to another team or a project. “I’ll continue as a part-time member of the Marketing Team. Framery has already been super flexible and supported me in finishing my master’s degree so I have no doubt that the combination of studies and part-time work is doable in the upcoming year,” Selma cheers. Otto is also looking forward to finalizing his studies and is hoping to write his thesis for Framery. He sends regards to future applicants: “I warmly recommend this trainee program and especially Framery as an employer.”

For Sara, this chance has even been career changing: “Working at Framery for nine months is likely to be more beneficial to me than all my other working history combined and now I have a direction in my career. My traineeship at Framery has given me the skill set to work in an international environment and the courage to pursue a master’s degree abroad. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll find me in my happy place again – at Framery,” she concludes.

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