Framery helps 2.7 million workers cope with return to office life

Over 12,000 companies worldwide now have access to Framery Connect – smart technology that ends the scramble to secure meeting rooms at work.

Framery Pods have already transformed office life for 70% of the world’s top 100 companies. Now those organisations – and their 2.7 million employees – have access to a new suite of smart office solutions that enable them to find a secure space to meet, focus and work, in seconds.

The whole Framery Connect suite now includes sensors, an analytics platform and App, which work in tandem to ensure employees always have an available space in the office to meet, collaborate and focus. Our Founder & CEO, Samu Hällfors commented: “We saw both employees and employers struggling with the return to the office. By allowing office workers to find and book spaces in seconds, the frustration and guesswork of searching for privacy is removed. Booking office space should be convenient, not a competition.”

Currently available at no extra cost to all existing Framery customers, Framery Connect works in three simple steps. Firstly, the sensors gather behavioural data from anywhere in the office (not just Framery pods). Secondly, the analytics platform serves up the data in an easy to understand way – allowing companies to simply and continuously optimise the office to fit every return to office scenario. Finally, once the office is optimised and space is always available, employees can navigate the office with ease and book spaces in seconds via the App.

Framery sensors are easily installed in under a minute, and have a five-year battery life. And no personally identifiable information is ever collected.

Arto Vahvanen, our Head of Digital Offerings & Customer Experience, commented: “Capturing real-time, accurate data from the office is the first step to understanding how to tailor the workspace to the true needs of employees.”

He stressed: “Framery is passionate about this information being used for the benefit of employees, rather than as a surveillance tool. We’ve ensured no customer can use this to track or even identify individuals – for example, the sensor data is based solely on infrared heat and movement, and booking information is always deleted.”

Sensor data feeds into the web-based Connect platform, which allows organisations to easily view, understand and act on insights into how and when spaces are used.

Early adopters of the Framery Connect technology include H&M, Puma and LinkedIn. An H&M spokesperson said “Usage data provided by Framery Analytics helped us make crucial decisions based on how the pods were being used. We were able to make a strategic decision to relocate the pods to areas with a higher demand for their use”.

The final part of the Framery Connect suite is the mobile app, which shows employees all available spaces to meet and focus. Spaces are automatically reserved once entering a free area. 

Recent research shows employees who reported having greater control over where they worked reported higher job satisfaction and more positive wellbeing. The data also showed providing employees with a meaningful choice between workplaces within an office had an even more positive influence than the choice between home and office working.

Arto Vahvanen added: “Speaking personally, using Mobile to optimise my own working day has been transformative. I can book spaces for meetings and dedicated focussed work on my walk from the car park to the office, saving me the hassle of stressfully scrambling for a space before an important presentation.”

Samu Hällfors, concluded: “The employers that are going to win in the new age of hybrid work – and attract and retain the best talent – are the ones who make the office a worthwhile experience. That means making working the office more like – and even better than – working from home. By replacing guesswork with behavioural data, Framery Connect means millions of people in thousands of workplaces across the world now have instantly accessible ways to make working life easier.”

He adds: “Room-booking applications are nothing new, but we are the first pod company combining the physical with the digital. And that innovation has all been achieved in-house by our new technical division: we’re undergoing a digital transformation of our own!”

The Framery Connect suite is available now to all Framery customers. Discover more on the suite here, and details of the mobile app here.


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