Framery One is made in Finland

Framery is Made in Finland

Considering our global reach, manufacturing our pods in Finland offers several advantages for both the environment and the consumers’ bottom line.

We are the global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of soundproof office pods – and we choose to manufacture our products in Finland. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just crafting exceptional products. We pour considerable resources into the design, engineering, production, and shipping of our products around the globe. 

But we are equally dedicated to safeguarding the environment. And there are many reasons why our pods are made in Finland.

The Benefits of Manufacturing in Finland

Considering our global reach, manufacturing our pods in Finland offers several advantages for both the environment and the consumers’ bottom line.

As we published in this year’s sustainability report, we are a net positive company.  “Manufacturing the components for our pods accounts for the largest share of emissions,” says Noora Jukkola, Framery’s Sustainability Manager.  

A Framery production worker manufacturing a Framery pod.

Made in Europe vs Made in Asia

From a global viewpoint, intercontinental vs local manufacturing boils down to differences in the Greenhouse Gas intensity of manufacturing between Europe and Asia. The share of energy from low-carbon sources in Finland is among the lowest across the globe. 

Taking steel for example – one of the main materials used in our pods. According to a JRC Technical Report, the steel production in India, for example, causes roughly double the emission compared to the EU average. This would become a main driver of higher emissions if we chose to manufacture our pods in India, and an example of why we choose to stay in Finland.

Framery production worker handling a wooden frame of a Framery pod.

Here’s Why We Make Our Pods in Finland

There are many advantages to manufacturing our soundproof pods in Finland: 

Innovation and Technology

Finland is known for its innovation and technological advancements. The country invests heavily in research and development, which allows us easy access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise.

Stable Business Environment

Finland boasts a stable and transparent business environment. It consistently ranks high in global indices for ease of doing business, rule of law, and low corruption levels, providing a secure foundation for business operations.

Strategic Location

Finland’s geographical location makes it an excellent gateway to European markets. With convenient access to the EU, the Baltics, and other Nordic countries, Finland is a strategic location for logistics and distribution. 

Modern Infrastructure

Finland has a modern and efficient infrastructure, including a well-developed transportation network, ports, and logistics hubs. This helps us streamline the movement of supplies and products. 

Global Logistics

Sea freight is relatively low in emissions compared to manufacturing in locations where coal dominates in energy production.  Framery pods are delivered via sea freight – the best option when considering emissions. 

Clean and Sustainable Energy

Finland relies heavily on clean and renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric and nuclear power. This can be advantageous for industries that prioritize sustainability and want access to affordable and reliable energy.

Access to Raw Materials

Finland has significant natural resources, including minerals, forests, and water. Many of our suppliers are located in the Baltics, the Nordics and throughout the EU. Raw materials,  like steel and aluminum, manufactured in the EU are, on average, much lower in CO2 compared to manufacturing in Asia, for example. 

Strong Supply Chain

Finland has strong industrial ecosystems in technology, electronics, forestry, and metalworking. Being part of these ecosystems not only leads to collaboration opportunities, but it provides access to a skilled and innovative supply chain.

Global Reputation

We trust the reputation of Finland with the reputation of our brand.  Finnish products are often associated with quality, reliability, and innovation, which can enhance the reputation of companies manufacturing in Finland.

A factory worker moving a packaged Framery pod made in Finland, with a truck.

Made & Manufactured in Finland

We’re still on a journey to decarbonize our products. In product manufacturing, we look for fossil-free and recycled materials, and promote renewable energy in manufacturing and transportations. 

And manufacturing in Finland is a part of that plan. “It’s more beneficial for the world when the pods are made in Finland despite the need for intercontinental logistics,” says Jukkola.