White Framery 2Q soundproof meeting room in a lobby

How Third Spaces Can Benefit from Soundproof Pods

From co-working hubs to hotel lobbies, many “third spaces” are turning to Framery pods to create optimal working environments for their visitors.

With the way we work constantly changing, many people are choosing to do their work in third-spaces – social spaces that are neither home nor office. These third spaces, sometimes called “third places”, provide a place for people to gather, interact, and build a sense of community. 

And many “third spaces” are turning to Framery pods to create optimal working environments for their visitors.

The Need for Third Spaces

Framery office pods in UMA workspace office.

Third spaces offer hybrid workers the freedom and flexibility to work in diverse settings that suit their needs, while also providing various benefits, including access to amenities, networking opportunities, and a better work-life balance. 

Examples of third spaces include co-working hubs, libraries, coffee shops & cafes, community centers, universities, airport lounges, and other public spaces.

Working in Third Spaces

At their core, third spaces are designed to be inclusive, accessible, and adaptable. They foster a sense of belonging and community, contributing to the vibrancy of neighborhoods and cities. 

However, as these spaces continue to evolve, they face challenges related to noise and privacy – the same problems facing traditional offices around the world. That’s why more and more, third spaces are beginning to incorporate soundproof office pods into their environments. 

Soundproof Pods in Third Spaces

Around the globe, Framery pods are being installed in co-working spaces, lobbies, and cafes where people need spaces to focus, meet, or work in private.  

Soundproof Pods in Co-Working Spaces

People working in Framery office pods in Hub 350 offices.

UMA Workspace was an early adopter of Framery pods – with 11 offices around the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. “There have been a lot of discussions about coworking, shared space concept, and community spirit within the workplace. While all this is very important, people also need their own peace and space to get work done,” says Tiia Rauhamäki, UMA Space Concept Manager.  

In Canada co-working spaces like 253 Columbia in Vancouver, and Hub 350 in Ontario, provide Framery pods as an attractive benefit for finding new customers. “Framery pods are quite progressive. They support the future work environment and fit into the vision of how to elevate the experience for our members,” states Jamie Petten of Hub350.

Soundproof Pods Enable New Types of Third Spaces

Person walking to a counter in KB Bank office with a Framery 2Q meeting room in the background.

Modern work habits make it possible to turn any space into a third space. And more organizations around the world are incorporating Framery soundproof pods into their premises to provide suitable places to work. 

Across the public sector, University libraries and hospitals have found it beneficial to incoprorate soundproof pods into their premises. While private businesses like banks and markets have found innovative ways to bring additional value to their customers through Framery pods.

Third Spaces in the Office with Soundproof Pods

Row of Framery O office phone booths in an open plan office.

Third spaces are equally important within the traditional office space as well. Modern work requires a place to work that is neither a conference room nor the traditional desk. 

The open office can be a daunting place to work from – but it still acts as an important social environment for supporting office dynamics and the well-being of employees. That’s why creating designated 3rd spaces for office workers is so important for improving the overall work experience in modern offices. 

Framery pods are a great way to provide 3rd spaces at the office – a place where employees can meet in private, work in silence, or focus on their tasks. There are numerous benefits that contribute to employee well-being, productivity, and overall work experience. 

Improving Third Spaces with Framery Soundproof Pods

Framery Q in an open plan office.

Third spaces have emerged as essential hubs for productivity, collaboration, and community building. These versatile environments empower individuals to work where they feel most inspired and comfortable.

And Framery pods have become a crucial component of these dynamic third spaces,  addressing the evolving needs of the modern workforce. As the demand for flexible work settings continues to rise, Framery pods are helping third spaces bridge the gap, offering a range of amenities and opportunities while fostering a sense of belonging.