Green Framery One soundproof office pods in Finnair lounge, Helsinki Airport

Case | Finnair Lounge – Helsinki, Finland

The Finnair Lounge in Helsinki-Vantaa airport uses 5 Framery One pods to provide privacy and a space for productivity for their guests.

Traveling is stressful. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it can be a struggle to find a place to focus. Airport lounges are a great place for travelers who need privacy to work on the road. That’s why the Finnair Lounge (Schengen) at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport integrated Framery soundproof pods to successfully create a private and versatile haven for travelers.

First-Class Accommodation for Busy Travelers

The Finnair Lounge is busy. The Finnish airline has domestic and international flights in and out of Helsinki throughout the entire day. And many travelers find refuge in Finnair’s stunning Schengen lounge. The light-filled space is thoughtfully designed for comfort, featuring iconic design classics and serving up delicious seasonal flavors from the kitchen.

In addition to delicious food and sparkling drinks, the Finnair Lounge features seating for 280 guests. There is also a dedicated working area, a relaxation oasis with Neurosonic chairs, a play area for children, and two private shower suites. 

But what really sets Finnair Lounge apart is their fleet of 5 Framery One soundproof pods spread across the space. 

Framery pods in Finnair lounge, Helsinki Airport

Adding Soundproof Pods to the Airport Lounge

The decision to incorporate office pods was driven by the evolving needs of travelers. In an era of hybrid work, travelers increasingly leverage their waiting time at airports for work-related tasks. 

“Customers like to utilize their waiting time at the airports working,” says Minna Väätäinen, Experience Manager for the Lounge & Airport at Finnair. “Quiet working spaces are needed and the Framery booths serves that need very well.”

Although the Finnair Lounge posed a formidable challenge, with a narrow layout and winding corridors, the Framery pods fit seamlessly into the space.  And the pods are truly a success – as they are nearly always occupied by travelers looking for privacy.

Private Spaces for Travelers

Finnair travelers have wholeheartedly embraced the Framery pods. Throughout the day, customers use these pods for virtual meetings, to take private calls, and to be able to focus in a distraction-free environment.

“They are busy all the time.”

Minna Väätäinen
Experience Manager for the Lounge & Airport

These soundproof booths serve as a secluded environment for work or relaxation, amidst the bustling airport. According to Head of Airport Customer Experience, Meri Järvinen, the inclusion of office pods “enable privacy for the user while ensuring peace and quiet to the fellow customers.”

The feedback from customers regarding the Framery pods has been overwhelmingly positive. Since the installation of Framery pods, they have become sought-after amenities, perfectly-suited for work-related needs in the Lounge.

Framery One soundproof office pod in Finnair lounge, Helsinki Airport

The Future of Airport Lounges

As airports continue to adapt to the changing landscape of travel, The Finnair Lounge at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport serves as a model for providing versatile and efficient spaces that meet the diverse demands of today’s globetrotters.

Airport lounges are prime locations for soundproof pods. With travelers needing spaces for both work and rest, Framery pods ensure a peaceful, private place of refuge. And travelers appreciate the convenience of taking important phone calls and attending online meetings in a private, quiet setting, enhancing their overall airport experience.

The Framery pods have elevated the Finnair experience. And the Finnair Lounge stands as a testament to innovative design solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers.