By signing up to Framery Connect and connecting your Framery One, you will enable future software updates making sure you will always have the best possible version of your pod. In addition, you will be able to integrate the pods with your calendar system, while real-time data about pod utilization will make it easy for you to optimize the use of pods and the predictive maintenance will ensure uninterrupted and worry-free use of Framery One for years to come!

What do you get with Framery Connect?

Framery Connect

Bookable pods

With Framery Connect you can integrate your Framery One with your office calendar system and turn your pods into efficiently bookable spaces. Easy integrations with Google and Microsoft calendar systems make the usage of pods as smooth as possible.

Thanks to the 4G connection the pods are always connected to the internet – no external Wi-Fi-connection needed – and they can be booked from anywhere, any time. This way employees can also see when their favorite spot is available to use and when to book those important videoconferences.

Framery Connect

Premium customer care

Our premium customer care is always at your reach and will be delighted to schedule a Framery Connect walk through with you! Should any problems or questions arise, you can easily reach us via Framery Connect and our premium customer care will provide lightning-fast support.

Framery Connect

Manage with knowledge

This feature available soon!

With Framery Connect and the pods’ 4G technology, you will get valuable information about the pod’s usage and it’s not just data – but visualized analytics in an easy-to-understand format! You’ll get real-time statistics and utilization rates when and how your pods are used to give you valuable information on ideal placement and the optimal number of pods to maximize workplace productivity.

Don’t have a Framery One pod yet?

No worries, this one’s an easy fix – pun intended. First, get acquainted with Framery One!

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