As we continue to follow the inhumane suffering in Ukraine, the world feels increasingly heavy and uncertain – making it challenging for many to manage day-to-day tasks at work and beyond. At Framery, we are ensuring our staff feels as supported and seen as possible. We sat down with Framery’s Head of People and Culture, Anni Hallila to outline best practices and helpful tips that company leadership teams can implement to ensure that employees feel supported during this turbulent time. This includes:

Catering to the Individual

During a crisis, some people want to explore their emotions about the external circumstances within the workplace and feel comfortable discussing where they’re at mentally with their supervisors or through mental health programs. While more introverted types of people prefer to do the opposite: bury their heads in work for distraction when they’re on the clock. 

“Everyone processes their emotions differently; so, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to helping employees cope while they’re working.”

Either path is absolutely legitimate, and we work closely with each of our staff to ensure that they know this: we are without judgment and accommodate whichever way they want to work. Everyone processes their emotions differently; so, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to helping employees cope while they’re working. Anni encourages employers to seek out a myriad of solutions and resources that will appeal to different personality types and working styles.

Finding Meaningful Ways to Mobilize

To support those suffering in Ukraine, Framery organized a donation to the International Red Cross, which is responding to urgent humanitarian needs. In less than an hour, over 100 Framery employees donated – a collective so high that Founder and CEO Samu Hällfors forwent his monthly salary and donated it all to the cause. We’re proud to say that a total of 242 Framerians raised a collective 68,165 Euros.

Organizing an intuitive and accessible platform for donations within a company can help many people. Not only does it provide supplies to those who need it most, but it also empowers staff, creating a venue for them to react to the situation at hand and actively help others.

Making Resources Accessible

We recommend company leaders consider providing access to a series of wellness programs, including granting employees closer access to external healthcare providers and therapists that are available to them during work hours if need be. This can help staff not only manage stress throughout the day, but also build healthy, holistic routines into their daily lives. While wellness programs might not be a personal fit for all employees, rolling out these types of resources communicates to staff that the company prioritizes their wellbeing in the workplace. As an example, our Slack channel offers direct access to open a discussion with a workplace psychologist.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Times of crisis serve as a reminder for why it’s important to have a strong foundation to begin with. When a company’s foundation is built on trust, challenging external circumstances are more manageable among employees as you’ve already created a safe space for staff. For Framery, this means we ensure our employees feel valued daily and that they understand their employment is a mutual investment; we want to see their professional development through, and we care about their personal wellbeing and goals. For this reason, Framery provides a multitude of opportunities for employees to dream big and try something new.

“When a company’s foundation is built on trust, challenging external circumstances are more manageable among employees as you’ve already created a safe space for staff.”

As global events continue to stir up an array of emotions, our hearts go out to all of those who are and continue to be impacted. We encourage everyone – Framery’s employees, clients and beyond – to be gentle and compassionate with themselves as we all navigate these collective challenges. We strongly condemn the war in Ukraine and encourage everyone to support the victims of the war and to promote peace by their own means.

Here are some recommended ways to support Ukrainians:

  • Donate to official, non-profit humanitarian organizations that provide emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness, such as the Red Cross. This ensures the money doesn’t go to corruption or organized crime.
  • Actively communicate for peace and show your support to Ukraine.
  • Support the refugees in your own country.
  • Keep your computer updated and be critical. Disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks are common.