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Well-Being Matters at Framery

We prioritize employee well-being at Framery. Here are just a few of the extra steps we take to provide opportunities for self-care into our company culture.

At Framery, we understand that our company is most successful when our employees are at their best. But even for the most dedicated and mindful people, it’s easy to get wrapped up in work and neglect our physical and mental health. 

That’s why we prioritize employee well-being, taking extra steps to integrate opportunities for self-care into our company culture. Because employee well-being results in a healthy workplace and high performance.

Well-being at Framery

Employee well-being takes into consideration the overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of employees.

Here are some of the everyday practices and support measures that we’ve put in place to support Framerians physical, emotional, and professional well-being.

Flexibility and autonomy 

We give Framerians the autonomy to work in the way that suits their needs.

We make sure that employees can adjust their working hours and methods according to their personal needs. We trust everyone takes the responsibility to ensure their ways of working are amenable for all stakeholders.

With this in mind, we allow remote working from within the EU to enable flexibility and promote variety. 

Frequent check-ins 

We guarantee that all Framerians get at least one monthly one-on-one meeting with their team leader. 

Regular check-ins contribute to building trust, and offer a safe space for open communication, where concerns can be shared and achievements celebrated. They provide an opportunity to clarify expectations, receive constructive feedback, and discuss career growth. 

These meetings contribute significantly to employees’ overall mental health by lowering the threshold for bringing up issues in coping at work. Framerians consistently praise this practice as supporting their well-being and performance.

Facilities for recovery

We provide a variety of spaces and opportunities for employees to relax, refresh, and recharge.

We have dedicated facilities for taking breaks and socializing throughout the day. Our in-office restaurant Bistro Core serves a huge variety of internationally-inspired, restaurant-quality dishes on a daily basis. And Bunkkeri, a fully-furnished recreation room, provides sofas and massage chairs for relaxing, and game-tables for entertainment.

According to an internal review, our practices for recovering from work are top-class. 

Well-being benefits

We offer additional benefits and services for well-being that go beyond Finnish standards.

Like many Finnish companies, we work with third party benefits providers to allocate resources for people to live a healthy and balanced life. In addition to the standard exercise, cultural, and lunch benefits provided externally, we provide a weekly exercise hour benefit and run company-wide well-being campaigns throughout the year.

We also produce a number of in-house events, personal development training sessions, and health initiatives to provide even more resources to our people. 

Mental health reception hours

We employ an occupational health psychologist who provides support for our employees over Slack.

We’ve teamed up with our occupational health psychologist to provide support in Slack for anyone with any issues we might have in our lives related to stress at work or at home. According to the data received from our occupational health care, 67% of our mental health-based sick leaves are non-work related. That’s why it’s important to be able to talk about any topic that’s worrying us – from global inflation to climate change, and even war. 

Our psychologist also reaches out to Framerians individually to ask if they can help in any way.

Employee-proposed events & hobbies

We allocate a monthly budget for events and hobby groups organized by our employees according to their own interests.

Anyone at Framery can pitch and organize a non-work-based event or activity that is open to the entire company. And we have over 30 dedicated slack channels for special hobby groups that bring people together to socialize and connect outside of the office. 

These unique concepts encourage all Framerians to share their secret passions, hidden talents, and special interests with each other both at and away from the office.

Vacation guarantee

We go beyond Finnish National laws regarding employee holidays.

Time away from work is critical to an employee’s well-being and promotes a healthy work-life balance. In addition to ensuring that all employees keep their earned annual holidays, we offer new permanent full-time employees a guaranteed 2 weeks of paid holiday during their first year of employment. 

Healthy people – healthy company

We are constantly searching for new ways to support our people. Internal reviews and audits on mental health are a part of that process. And we are applying for a Mental Health Friendly Workplace badge to further highlight our commitment to mental health. 

Healthy people are likely to be more productive, motivated, and engaged at work and in life. And that’s the driving force behind our approach to employee well-being.