Framery One office pod in Brarry Callebaut office in Singapore

Case | Barry Callebaut – Singapore

Barry Callebaut’s office in Singapore uses Framery pods to help address the changing needs of their hybrid workforce.

Barry Callebaut, a key player in the food and beverage industry, worked with Conexus Studio to create a space that fosters innovation, supports digitalization goals, and creates a sustainable and welcoming environment. They implemented Framery pods to help address the changing needs of their hybrid workforce.

As Barry Callebaut embraced a hybrid workplace model, ensuring that employees had access to suitable workspaces both at home and in the office became essential. The design of the office focused on creating a flexible and collaborative environment. It offers a range of settings, from open-plan spaces to focus areas, informal meeting spaces, and phone booths, allowing employees to choose the right space for each task.

Framery One in the background of Barry Callebaut office in Singapore.

The team at Conexus Studio utilized two Framery One pods to provide private and acoustically sound spaces where employees can hold meetings, make phone calls, or concentrate on their tasks without being disturbed by the office’s open atmosphere. 

Conexus Studio achieved a balance between collaboration and focus in a hybrid office, resulting in an innovative, engaging, and sustainable workspace. The successful redesign enables the office to address the needs of a modern, hybrid workforce and enhance employee well-being.

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