Case | PepsiCo – Warsaw, Poland

The PepsiCo office in Warsaw uses Framery One pods to serve the various needs of the employees’ throughout the day.

The PepsiCo Poland offices in Warsaw are designed to reflect both the global brand’s identity and local Polish culture. Designed by MIXD, the space is playful and vibrant, featuring elements like Pepsi cans at the reception counter and a colorful mural showcasing important PepsiCo brands.

The new office creatively tackles the challenge of the long and relatively narrow building. The design goal was to maintain a bright, open, and spacious interior without dividing the space with walls, ensuring a pleasant work environment. To achieve this, typical working spaces were divided into sectors hosting no more than a dozen people, utilizing lounge zones, openwork shelves, and glazing or fabric-covered co-working stations. Acoustic comfort was prioritized through features like acoustic ceilings and carpeting. Additionally, the original architecture facilitated the creation of intimate relaxation areas, including balconies adorned with outdoor furniture, bay windows with colorful hammocks, and comfortable armchairs, promoting employee well-being.

Moreover, the office design fosters a culture of sustainability, inspiring employees to embrace eco-conscious living. As part of this commitment, plastic bottles have been entirely phased out, offering alternatives such as refreshing tap water, convenient PepsiCo beverages from dispensers, and SodaStream carbonation devices.

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