White Framery Q office meeting pods in Baylor University

Case | How Soundproof Pods Have Transformed Baylor University

The Moody Memorial Library at Baylor University proudly houses a fleet of 9 Framery pods that have reshaped the way students approach their studies.

Soundproof Pods Improve Study Experiences at the Baylor University Libraries

Nestled in a vibrant community, Baylor University stands as a beacon of innovative learning. With over 20,000 students, Baylor is known for its interdisciplinary research, renowned faculty, and transformative educational opportunities.

Excelling in fields like business, music, theology, and the sciences, Baylor provides students with transformative experiences, and the recent addition of Framery Pods on campus has helped Baylor students further cultivate their potential. 

Baylor’s Hub of Learning and Discovery

Moody Memorial Library’s Cutting-edge Resources

Within the heart of Baylor’s campus stands Moody Memorial Library – an intellectual hub enriched with innovative resources. Anchored in experiential learning, this library presents students with creative spaces designed for the modern scholar.

Among its many assets, Moody Memorial Library proudly houses a fleet of 9 Framery pods that have reshaped the way students approach their studies. According to Baylor student Jake Whitson, “Instead of lounging at the library working and then drifting off into other things, people use their reserved time in the pod for uninterrupted isolated work.”

Framery One soundproof office pods in Baylor University. Image courtesy of Baylor Libraries Office of Marketing & Communications.

The Moody Pods

Moody Memorial Library’s fleet of Framery pods, affectionately dubbed “The Moody Pods,” have become a well-used resource for students and faculty alike. Integrated into the library’s booking system,  the fleet consists of 2 Framery 2Q, 3 Framery Q, and 4 Framery One pods. 

These pods have revolutionized how students approach their studies. By offering spaces that allow students to immerse themselves in focused work while remaining part of a larger academic community, Moody Pods strike a perfect balance between isolation and connection.

“The pods allow any group of students to get a very nice space to work together in without distractions. This lets people talk freely without worry of disturbing others and lets them focus on just their project without having to think about where they could find a spot to study,” says Whitson.

The Power of Private Study Spaces

The Moody Pods have quickly become beloved assets in Baylor’s dynamic learning ecosystem. Embraced by a diverse spectrum of users, the Pods have proven to be valuable for both individual students and collaborative teams. “The Pods are so popular that Baylor employs a reservation system so that students can use the Pod for their designated amount of time without fear of holding other people up,” says Whitson.

“I would reserve the Pod despite having my own room as I found the Pod to be a space that helped me focus without distractions.”

The demand for the private workspaces has skyrocketed – over the past year alone, the Moody Pods witnessed an astounding 4,240 unique users, accommodating 16,479 bookings and a staggering 24,144 hours of productive usage.

Baylor University's Framery pods' booking data showing how often the pods are used.

Connecting Students Through Innovative Spaces

Expanding Silent Spaces on Campus

The Moody Pods emerged as an answer to a burgeoning need for adaptable and transformative study spaces. Originating in 2020 with the installation of the Black Gospel Archive Pod – a custom-fitted Framery Q pod designed as an acoustically-isolated place to listen to the University’s vast archive of Black Gospel music. 

The success of the Black Gospel Archive Pod led to the decision to add 9 more pods to the library for public use. Their creation stemmed from the recognition that students sought spaces that harmonized solitude and community, fostering focused work without sacrificing human connection.

“I completed lots of work that I maybe would have procrastinated without reserving the Pod.”

Multiple different Framery pods in Baylor Library, Baylor University. Image courtesy of Baylor Libraries Office of Marketing & Communications.

Shaping Baylor’s Academic Landscape

The introduction of Framery Pods was a strategic move that resonated profoundly with Baylor’s vision. Baylor’s investment in Moody Pods underscores the institution’s dedication to crafting an environment that champions student success. It echoes Baylor’s commitment to fostering spaces that inspire, nurture, and empower students on their educational journey. 

“While the library is quiet and a great place to study, there is not that sense of total isolation that the Pods give.” 

The success of the Moody Pods has ignited a vision for expanded pod offerings, ensuring that an even greater portion of the student body can benefit from these innovative study spaces.

Student Reactions

The student body’s resonance with Moody Pods is palpable. Their popularity stems from the sense of isolation and focus the pods provide, a stark contrast to the communal spaces within the library. 

Students appreciate the tranquility the pods offer, allowing them to study with heightened concentration. The pods have brought about a shift in how students engage with their studies, creating designated pockets of uninterrupted productivity.

Framery Q soundproof meeting pods provide tranquility for students to focus and collaborate in privacy. Image courtesy of Baylor Libraries Office of Marketing & Communications.

Pioneering the Study Spaces of Tomorrow

The success of Moody Pods at Baylor University reverberates as a guiding light for universities seeking to redefine their study environments. These transformative spaces demonstrate the ability of innovative design to reshape student experiences, fostering engagement, collaboration, and individual growth. 

As other institutions follow Baylor’s lead, they too can harness the power of Moody Pods to propel their students towards academic excellence and prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the modern world.

Images are courtesy of Baylor Libraries Office of Marketing & Communications.