Behavox office in Montreal.

Case | Behavox – Montreal, CA

Security software company Behavox transformed their Montreal office into a cutting-edge workspace that seamlessly integrates nature and innovation, using a large fleet of Framery pods to take advantage of the city’s stunning views.

Security software company Behavox worked with design firm ISSADESIGN to transform their office into a cutting-edge workspace that seamlessly integrates nature and innovation, capturing the city’s stunning views. Throughout the design process, the team prioritized sustainability, maximizing natural light, and redefining workspace needs through the installation of 28 Framery pods of different sizes to provide private workspaces for their people.

Framery pods in Behavox office, Montreal, CA.

This innovative workspace embraces the breathtaking cityscape, and reflects Behavox’s commitment to a vibrant, community-oriented, and elegantly simple environment. The project’s core challenge was to design enclosed spaces for meetings and focused work without obstructing the panoramic views that captivated Behavox’s founder. 

To achieve their visions, the design team placed a strategic combination of 17 Framery O, 9 Framery Q, and 2 Framery 2Q pods throughout the space in order to provide privacy without compromising the panoramic views. Implementing pods in different sizes helps to ensure that employees always have a place for focus work and privacy for calls or meetings. 

People working in Behavox offices in Montreal, Canada.

The material palette exudes simplicity, neutrality, and timelessness, combining wood, transparency, raw concrete, and white elements. Linear and curved installations add softness and reflect light, subtly invoking the essence of nature. Colored lounges, the project’s only vibrant spaces, contribute to a relaxed and invigorating atmosphere, enhancing the overall work areas.

This transformative project not only meets the client’s needs but also underscores the harmony between nature and innovation, creating an inspiring and productivity-enhancing workspace.

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