A row of Framery One office pods in Bizzabo's office space.

Case | Bizzabo – Tel Aviv, Israel

Bizzabo chose Framery pods to create a space that focuses on the mental health and well-being of the employees in their Tel Aviv offices.

Tel Aviv-based Bizzabo specializes in online meetings. They deeply understand the evolving landscape of remote work and the diminishing popularity of in-person meetings. Their newly designed offices emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation, using Framery soundproof office pods in their effort to achieve this balance.

Planning and executing successful online events can be challenging, and it’s crucial to ensure the well-being of employees to prevent burnout. With a focus on employee comfort and mental health, the design team at switchup helped Bizzabo select and create a workspace focused on employee health and satisfaction.

A wall of 5 Framery One soundproof pods are a key component of Bizzabo’s strategy to create a harmonious and productive environment. The pods ensure privacy, eliminate distractions, and allow employees to concentrate fully on their tasks, resulting in better coordination of online events. 

A row of Framery One office pods in Bizzabo's office spaces.

The office is adorned with plants, creating a liberating atmosphere, and incorporates a thoughtfully curated mix of colors and patterns, striking a balance that avoids overwhelming occupants. Even the light fixtures were chosen to exude a soft, approachable ambiance.

Bizzabo’s commitment to employee well-being and the success of online events is exemplified through their innovative office design. By providing a tranquil workspace that fosters relaxation and recuperation, Bizzabo ensures its employees are energized and ready to deliver exceptional service to clients.